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Pink Panther Costume

Updated on July 31, 2013

Pink Panther Halloween Costume!

I was window shopping the other day and when I saw discounted pink leggings (less than $2!) I got the unstoppable urge to give a Pink Panther costume a try. I already have a pink tee (well a few of them) so all I needed was some creativity.

I have seen a few Pink Panther costumes you can buy in the stores, and I will be listing a few on this page so you get the feel of what you can get but many of those are not exactly women friendly as they hide our assets (well or reveal them way to much) so I think making your own costume might be a better option. In the end it is you who decides but I will be sharing my tips and trick on how I made my Pink Panther costume.

Pink Panther was one of my favourite cartoon characters when I was growing up I, I loved watching the cartoon and I even had his toy.

Photos used on this page are mine unless stated otherwise.

Posing in my Pink Panther Costume - I can just hear the theme song playing

So, I made the mask and ears myself (scroll down for the tutorial). I have pink leggings, pink t-shirt, shoes, gloves and a scarf. I made the tail using the belt from the bathrobe (would you believe it isn't mine but my partners haha). As I suspect not many of you have pink bathrobes in your wardrobe the best thing to use (in my humble opinion) is pink fleece (check the dollar store, they usually have super cheap fleece blankets) or any fluffy fabric - since you don't need much you can ask at your local fabric store if they have any scrap fabric as it usually costs less.

Make sure you watch the cartoon at least once before the Halloween or fancy dress party so you will be able to strike all of his trademark poses, he has quite a few of them.

Things that will help you make your own Pink Panther costume - There are many ways to go about this project!

These are just some things that might help you in making your own costume.

Fab Fit Anytime Ladies Leggings, Pink
Fab Fit Anytime Ladies Leggings, Pink

I made my costume using the pink leggings. They do great things to your body figure and as they are quite stretchable you can wear something under them if you live in a colder climate.

Pink Panther Half Mask 
Pink Panther Half Mask 

I think this mask would work great. I made my own mask using a blank white mask (be sure to check the tutorial bellow)

AltSkin Unisex Full Body Spandex/Lycra Suit, Pink, X-Small
AltSkin Unisex Full Body Spandex/Lycra Suit, Pink, X-Small

I think pink body suit would also work great as a base for this costume (you would need to do some holes though)


There are some Pink Panther costumes available on eBay

I haven't seen many different Pink Panther costumes online, most stores only hold the mascot type or the super sexy kind which isn't really appropriate for a party (well unless you are planning a very, very private party if you know what I mean). The most pre-made costumes can be found on eBay so be sure to check it out.

Pink Panther Mask - Papier mache


  1. I forgot to take the picture but I used the blank paper face mask which I got in the craft store as a base for my mask.
  2. I mixed flour with water (1 : 1 ratio) to make the glue. I used strips of tissue paper to sculpt the mask (snout part being the most important). It's pretty easy to work with but you will have to leave it to dry for a while (it took one day).
  3. I wrapped some crafting wire around the headband to make the shape of the ears and used my homemade glue and tissue paper strips to make the ears. They too needed a lot of drying.
  4. When the mask and ears were dry, I painted them with pink acrylic color.

Pink Panther and Pals Trailer - Your chance to listen to the theme song

I am so happy to see Pink Panther is still popular and new cartoons are still coming out. Even the theme song is the same, well it did get a bit more modern.


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    • Raymond Eagar profile image

      Raymond Eagar 

      5 years ago

      Nice lens , the pink panther rings a bell somewhere .


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