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Plush Christmas Stockings

Updated on July 31, 2015

Thick and Full Plush Christmas Stockings

Plush Christmas stockings have an awesome look and feel, and are among my favorites when deciding on a new Christmas stocking for others or myself.

Although most plush Christmas stockings look good to me, velvet is probably my favorite material used among all the plush stockings, as it looks and feels elegant and can also be used as part of your Christmas décor in a way that complements it nicely.

Even though there is a definite look and feel to these types of stockings, you can also have quite a variety among those Christmas stockings labeled as plush.

Consequently, below you'll see that rich look and feel to velvet plush Christmas stockings, while also viewing some that aren't readily recognizable as such. But in the end, if you like how it looks and feels, a plush Christmas stocking is a great addition to your Christmas decorations.

Traditional Red Plush Christmas Stocking

This traditional red plush Christmas stocking still is a very good one to get, and it looks great and has that nice, soft look and feel we all like.

Below that is a really nice colored burgundy plush Christmas stocking which has an extraordinary gorgeous color and texture, and works in most situations as far as blending in with other Christmas décor.

If you're ever in doubt, choose the white snow top with the red bottom. There is no way you can go wrong with that Christmas stocking design, whether it's plush or not.

Red Plush Christmas Stockings

Burgundy Plush Christmas Stocking

Characters Included with Plush Christmas Stocking

The plush Christmas stocking below takes a completely different design and presents a fun stocking to enjoy. Adding the 3-D figures add a great touch, and adds some nice character to the design.

Also looking fantastic is the dark green and red hues, which make the white dramatically pop out.

Santa and Bear Christmas Stocking

Plush Christmas Stocking with Santa

Santa is always "in" at Christmas, and the Santa on this stocking nicely enhances the overall plushness of the Stocking. That nose especially looks funny and interesting. The inclusion of the hat, which almost looks like one a court gesture would wear is also unique.

Santa Plush Stocking

Plush Christmas Stocking with a Snowman

Snowmen are always an important part of our Christmas celebration, and including one on a Christmas stocking is a great way to participate in the reality. I like his big belly on this plush stocking, as it looks like he's ready for a good, hearty laugh at any moment.

Compelling Plush Christmas Stockings

While the addition of images on a plush Christmas stocking are great, to me, it's the plush look and feel of the stockings themselves which makes them so wonderful to own and hang up at Christmas time. When you include the gifts and goodies in the stocking, it has this great ambiance which comes with them; the reason plush Christmas stockings work so great alone, and also enhance your Christmas decor.


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