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Practical Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

Updated on July 29, 2015
The bouquet that started it all.
The bouquet that started it all. | Source

Sweet memories

As I look around for what needs to go out with the garbage this morning, I couldn't help but notice the handmade flower bouquet that I got for mother's day last year. Could I possibly throw this out? I pondered. In case you're wondering what this is all about. Let me take you back to my special place.

I had gone to pick my six year old, then four, up from pre-kindergarden. As I approached his classroom, he came running towards me with what seems at first to be paper scraps, but a closer look revealed the work of my little budding artist, a flower bouquet. He handed me the bouquet as he exclaimed,'happy mother's day mommy, I made this for you, and it smells good!'.

It sure did smell good. You see, his teacher not only helped to put it together but she also made sure each bouquet was sprayed with nice perfumes from those sample givaways you get from the department stores.

I picked up the bouquet from my dining table, smelled it, and I can still sense that sweet scent from the year before. Those were sweet memories. The garbage went out alright, but not my bouquet! Even though it looks so raggedy and not so put together anymore. I just can't bring myself to throw it away.

Now, that's the kind of gift you want to give your mama this mother's day! Oh no, that's for 5 year olds you say! Well, maybe. But you can still give her something straight from the heart, something handmade, something that brings sweet memories.


Practical Mother's Day Gifts

  1. Give mom a handmade flower bouquet - If you are a dad helping your young kids with what to give mom this mother's day, you may be tempted to just take the route of picking up jewelry at a jewelry store, or a flower bouquet at the florist. That's just average. Why not try something different. Give mom something really special, something you and the kids can work on or build together, like a handmade mother's day card or flower bouquet. There are countless "How to" books, articles online that will show you step-by-step instuctions on how to make a flower bouquet. Below are a few links that you'll find very helpful.
  2. Take mom out to her special place - If there's a place that hold some special memories for mom, take her there and help her build some more sweet memories.
  3. Give mom a gas card - In today's tough economy, help mom out by giving her month's worth of gas card for mother's day.
  4. Enroll mom in a cleaning service - Moms work too hard already. So help mom out by enrolling in a full year cleaning sevice that'll give her a break from cleaning and allow her to spend more time with the kids and, or her friend. There are several cleaning service providers in your local area. Get an estimate, enrol and then watch the smile on mom's face when you finally tell her what you've been up to.


With all these great mother's day gift ideas outlined, I hope I've helped made choosing a mother's day gift for your mom or any mom in your life a little easier.

Mother's day is the day we get to honor the mothers in our lives. Having a set day of the year to honor them is great, but remember this, our mothers deserves our gifts of love everyday of the year. So, show them how much they are appreciated, this mother's day, and EVERYDAY!


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