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Princess and the Frog Movie Costumes and Cards

Updated on February 2, 2015
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Here in Louisiana we say, "Let the good times roll!" Holidays are celebrated with crafts, costumes and decorations, to everyone's enjoyment.

Tiana, Frog Prince and Alligator Characters and Cards

The Disney animated movie, Princess and the Frog, is set in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is an adaption of the book, the Frog Princess, by E. D. Baker which is a twist on the standard fairy tale. It is the first Disney full feature movie with an African American heroine. Tiana is a strong, intelligent young woman with high ideals and goals in her life. She meets a charismatic, irresponsible young talking frog which leads her into a quest into the surrounding swamp and back again.

In true Disney fashion, the clothing designs are gorgeous. Many little girls will want to dress up as Tiana for Halloween, Mardi Gras or for role playing. Disney designed several versions of the beautiful princess' gown and added many lovely accessories. There are also outfits available for the frog prince and Louis, the alligator, which little brother or Dad may want to wear. I envision a family or group display (even the dog) with the whole cast of characters being represented. Various cards with pictures of the characters which could be used as invitations to costume parties can be viewed on this page.

Tiana picture courtesy of Amazon.



Tiana is a young woman with a dream to open a restaurant and the will and skill to make that dream come true. As a young child, her parents support and guide her. As she faces one set back after another, she hurdles each obstacle as she comes closer to her goal. Then she kisses a frog and instead of him turning into a prince, she becomes a frog. My oh my!

Here you'll find some really cute Princess Tiana gowns and matching accessories as well as ideas to do it yourself. I love the shoes, frog handbag and light up wand. There are even a couple of frog prince and alligator outfits for the boys.

Disney studios is known for their outstanding art work and costumes. The following video gives you a glimpse of the drawings and planning that makes the magic possible.

The Art of the Dress


Any little girl who enjoyed the Princess and the Frog story and movie would like to wear a lovely ball gown for holiday costuming or dress up role playing. The one listed as for "role playing" is not as ornate as the deluxe model, but would be great for trick-or-treating and is less expensive.

The outfit labeled "ball gown" would be perfect for a costume party or other affair. You can get just the gown or another with some frills. For grown up princesses, the gown is available in adult sizes, too.

Simplicity Pattern Including Princess Dress

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2330 Child's Alice in Wonderland Costumes, A (3-4-5-6-7-8)
Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2330 Child's Alice in Wonderland Costumes, A (3-4-5-6-7-8)
Four patterns for children's costumes are in one package. With the right fabric and trim, the fairy tale princess pattern can be adapted to look just like Tiana's dress. Also included is Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter and the Hare.

How To Do It Yourself

All girls know that the key to fashion is in the accessories.The deluxe dress comes with the tiara, but it can also be purchased separately. If you want to go "all out", then the light up wand and purse will add some zing to the outfit.

If you are on a budget, but are good at do-it-yourself projects, some AA batteries, a long skinny LED flashlight with a globe and some ribbon would make a pretty wand which would also light the way on Halloween night.

With a little creativity and some sewing skill, Moms can create a lovely gown by using the dress pattern below and a few yards of organza, net, sequins or satin. The Simplicity pattern for 4 different outfits is a good, inexpensive way to start.

The videos below detail how to design the dress and also the tiara. A bag could be constructed from the same material that was used for the dress and some cute little green baby doll shoes or sandals would add the finishing touch.

Another Gown Design for Adults

The following video gives some tips on how to do a child's make-up and hair and even how to make a tiara to complete the ensemble. The little girl's costume is quite nice and the tips are good. Her accent is more the southern drawl of North Louisiana than the distinctive accent of New Orleans, but she's a cutie. If you are not from the south, you may need to listen closely to her instructions.

How to Complete the Look

Princess and the Frog Poll

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For more Princess Frog designs check out Tiana Gifts on Zazzle.

Prince Naveen was a rich, handsome, fun loving but irresponsible young man. The perfect counterpoint for strong and responsible Tiana. If anyone deserved being turned into a frog, he did. When the evil witch doctor plans his demise, but he didn't count on the heroine finding a way out. Since in most parts of the movie Naveen was a frog, not a prince, I found frog prince costumes for humans of all sizes. There is even a precious one with a crown for the family dog.

The one in the picture is for an infant, but adult sizes are available.



Louis, the trumpet playing alligator was named after the infamous New Orleans jazz musician Louis Armstrong. He helps the couple negotiate and travel in the swamps as they search for the swamp woman which they hope will break the spell. What little (or big) boy wouldn't enjoy being an alligator. This is such a fun outfit for any age. All you need is the trumpet to complete the look.

Check out the video clip from the movie below to get to know the fun loving Louisiana gator. Blow your horn, Louis!

Meet Louis

There are many adorable little alligators from infant to toddler sizes which are just too cute. Add a tiny trumpet and a star is born! If Dad wants to come along as Louis there are suits to fit him, too.

Ray the Lightening Bug

I love this funny firefly.
I love this funny firefly. | Source

Ray, the Lightening Bug was my favorite character. This goofy little guy sacrificed his life to save Tiana, but in doing so found his true love. There are costumes for dragonflies that could be adapted into a lightening bug. Some wings, antenae, a leotard and a globe-like flashlight could be formed into a Ray outfit.

This small insect was a shining light in more ways than one... always happy, always upbeat, a little goofy at times, but he lights the way and saves the day.

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