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Princess Merida Halloween or Dress Up Costume

Updated on September 3, 2016
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Tawnya is a freelance writer who LOVEs movies and televison series! She enjoys family movies and animated movies the most.

If you haven't noticed lately, Disney Princesses are getting a bit spunkier. Right now, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are all little girls are talking about. However, two summers ago, there was a red, curlycued princess that broke the mold when it comes to Disney royalty and opened the way for spunkier princesses such as Anna and Elsa to take the world by storm. The red-haired tomboy princess that I'm speaking of is Princess Merida from the movie Brave. Merida is an adorable, bow and arrow shooting, teenage girl that is not thrilled by the fact that she is a princess. Merida's mother wants her to be a lady and her father, the King, wants she and her mother to get along. On the other hand, Merida's triplet brothers simply want to create constant havoc, usually at their red-haired, teenage sister's expense.

Princess Merida is Independent, Spunky, and Simply Adorable

One of my favorite things about Princess Merida is her wild, somewhat unmanageable hair, which I can relate to on a daily basis. Next, Merida is a princess that doesn't want to be treated like a princess. In fact, Merida hates being a member of royalty and much rather spend her days shooting arrows and roaming the castle. As a result, the somewhat difficult teenage girl is opposed to everything her mother and father think she should be. Merida doesn't challenge her parents because she simply wants to be difficult. Instead, she simply wants a chance to be herself and will do anything to earn that right, even if it means disappointing or disobeying her parents.

Princess Merida Halloween or Dress-Up Costume is Attractive, Adorable, and will Provide Hours of Entertainment

Whether you purchase the Princess Merida dress for Halloween or dress up, you can count on your little one having hours of fun in this adorable costume. This blue dress has gold trim and is Merida's royal dress. If you are looking for Merida's everyday dress, make sure to check out the items listed below. The Brave Merida's royal dress is a great dress up item or Halloween costume for all the little girls that want their chance to prove exactly who they are.

Merida's Hair is Red and Unmanageable

Unless your little princess has red, unmanageable hair like Princess Merida, there really isn't any way to pull off this tomboy princess look without the wig. A Princess Merida Halloween or dress up costume is not complete without Merida's red, curly hair, bow and arrow, and change of outfit. Check out some of my favorite products below.

Get a Bow and Arrow Like Merida

Merida may be best known for her out-of-control red, curly hair, but the tomboy princess also carries a bow and arrow in the movie and is pretty good with it too.

Disney Brave and Merida Costume Video Ideas

Do you need more Disney Brave or Merida costume ideas? Check out these YouTube review videos below.

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