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★ Professor Umbridge Costume Ideas | Women's Villain Fancy Dress For Halloween

Updated on January 31, 2015

Makeup & Costume Advice For The Harry Potter Villain

Yes, step aside Voldemort, Professor Umbridge takes the crown for best villain in Harry Potter - in my humble opinion of course! An evil witch in every way, she really is awful, with her pink fluffy outfits, high pitched girly voice, love of chintz, and a cat obsession.

There aren't many female villains to dress up as compared to male baddies, but when they do come along, they are often even more malevolent. Dolores Umbridge is such a person, and fictional though she may be, Umbridge still can really generate a strong reaction in people. Her easily recognisable character, and the jarring contrast between her dress sense and her personality make her a excellent choice for Halloween mischief!

On this page I have included photos of the costumes used in the Harry Potter movies, plus movie scene videos so you can see up-close the outfits that you want to copy as closely as possible. I've also listed lots of clothing, fabrics, accessories and props as suggestions for really making your costume a hit.

I hope you find this useful!

Wigs, Hair Bows & Cat Props

When we meet Professor Umbridge for the first time, she is in the courtroom of the Ministry of Magic overseeing Harry's trial, and she has a black bow on top of her head. I'm sure a pink hair bow would work just as well though! And for people who don't have similar hair, a curly wig is vital to complete the look, and a prop cat adds to the air of villainry!

Outfits Used In The Movies

These 3 dresses were those actually worn in the Harry Potter movies, so hopefully these will be helpful for anyone who wants to recreate them as closely as possible.
These 3 dresses were those actually worn in the Harry Potter movies, so hopefully these will be helpful for anyone who wants to recreate them as closely as possible. | Source

Spectacles & Wand

The Professor wears modest, sensible, low-heeled shoes in pink (of course), and would have regular pantyhose too. Sparkly brooches and pink handbags would make great accessories on top of the main outfit. All witches need a wand too of course, and other items you could get include cat-embellished products or even a cat toy!

Tweed & Pink Galore!

Pashmina shawls, capes and thick ponchos are a perfect look for Dolores Umbridge, and the jackets she wears in the movies are very 'Chanel-esque'. Think chintz, tweed, modest and sensible - and most importantly, PINK!

How To Dress Like Dolores Umbridge

With this costume in particular, I think the best option is to look around charity shops, thrift stores, jumble sales etc. to find the perfect pink outfit for a low price. Instead of making everything, or any of it, from scratch, altering and revamping some of your found clothes into exactly what you want is a lot easier.

For instance, you may have found the perfect sensible, low heeled pair of shoes but they are white - well you can always paint them. If you've found a skirt which would be perfect if it were shorter, it would be quite simple to shorten it; if you find a jacket which would look better with big pink buttons on instead of a zipper, then you could change the fastening. Most changes can be done with basic machine or hand sewing skills.

Prof. Umbridge's dress sense is mainly clothing aimed at women aged 50-60+, a bit frumpy but quite smart, and modest. Try and include as much twee styling as possible, with lots of tweed fabrics, pleats, and heavy woven wools. Anything pale pink and fluffy, such as a mohair shawl, is ideal.

The main items you will require to dress as the lovely Mrs Umbridge are:

- A pink dress or a pink top with a pleated pink skirt

- Sensible, low heeled pink shoes

- A cape, pashmina or some kind of wrap to go around the shoulders - or a sturdy woven or fluffy pink jacket.

- Curly and short styled hair or a wig (brown hair but you could get away with gray)

- Pink lips, nail polish, accessories like pink bags and cat shaped brooches, and always a bow of some sort somewhere on the outfit.

Extra items you could add are a clipboard (for when she was inspecting the school teachers), a Slytherin gold locket, a white toy cat, perhaps a floral teacup, and a wand. For an extra dimension, I would imagine she overloads on very flowery perfume!

Pink Bow Embellishments

Pink Fabrics For DIY Clothing

If you want to sew your own clothes from scratch, the color pink is obviously the main attribute you need to look for in a fabric! As far as materials and patterns go, try to pick ones like tweed, wool and houndstooth to transmit the 'Umbridge' style. She also loves anything pink and fluffy :)

Movie Scenes With Dolores Umbridge - Get some close-ups of the outfits and accessories.

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