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Halloween Pumpkins for Toddlers Is One of The Best Halloween Activities

Updated on June 16, 2014

Pumpkins for Toddlers Is One of The Best Halloween Parties

Pumpkins for toddlers is one of the best Halloween activities I know. Toddlers are just learning about the fun of Halloween and pumpkins are a great way to teach them. Get a group of families with toddlers together and plan an outing or make one in your own backyard. Back in the days when my husband and I owned a preschool, we planned a pumpkins for toddlers Halloween every year. It is one of the easiest to plan and orchestrate.

We had a lawn tractor at that time and a wagon attachment. One adult and four kids in Halloween costumes fit into the wagon which we attached to the tractor. Before hand we would arrange with a local farmer a delivery of 100 pumpkins to our playground the morning of our Halloween. The pumpkins were then arrange around the yard in decorative fashion and my husband would drive the tractor loaded with each batch of children around the yard. Other adults would follow the tractor around the yard and the child would point out which pumpkin they desired. One of the adults would fetch the pumpkin and hand it over to the child. Once all of the children had their perfect pumpkins they would bring the pumpkins inside for decorating. My husband of course would escort another group of children around for more pumpkin picking.

Once inside the children were given choices of decorations for their pumpkins. There was paint and marker to make face on the pumpkins and ribbon, glitter and other decorative item. The child would take the pumpkin home and remember the fun Halloween the did that day. The parent loved the Halloween and were invited to join in on the fun. Since this was in the deep south we always love a parade. The finale of the day was a parade where the children were given special attention by everyone who watched with tons of photos of little Halloween characters.

Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts: Eerily Elegant Decor
Halloween Crafts: Eerily Elegant Decor

Want to decorate for Halloween with an elegant flair? This book is for you!

175 Easy-to-Do Halloween Crafts: Creative Uses for Recyclables
175 Easy-to-Do Halloween Crafts: Creative Uses for Recyclables

Fun crafts to make with recycled materials for kids,

Gooseberry Patch A Ghastly-Good Halloween
Gooseberry Patch A Ghastly-Good Halloween

Gooseberry patch ghastly good Halloween

Spooky Halloween Crafts
Spooky Halloween Crafts

Spooky crafts to make for Halloween


Planning Halloween Parties

Planning Halloween

Get Help From Other Parents

Halloween with toddlers always come with a bit of chaos. When planning your party you may want to have a group of adults who enjoy Halloween. There are many things to plan such as setting a time, place and schedule for the events. You will need to decide whether you will visit a pumpkin patch or make one of your own. Personally I think making one in a secured yard is the best idea. There is better control over the children and if parents are involved it will be fun for everyone.

Other considerations are whether or not you will have the children beg for candy. If so you can set up a trunk or treat. Parents bring treats and pass them out from the trunk of their cars. This usually works best if the car can be arranged in a cover-wagon style circle. The children can then go from car to car and beg for their treats in costume. Parents enjoy this since they know all of the people who will be giving candy to their youngsters. It has become one of the safest ways for kids to enjoy Halloween in my part of the country.

A Word About Toddler Costumes

Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Just a few words about Halloween costumes for toddler. You must consider several things when choosing a costume for you toddler. The first is cost, the price tag on a high quality costume may be well worth the investment. This is especially true if you are planning to have more children. A high quality costume will be made well and be able to with stand wear and tear. Toddlers will be able to move freely without being hindered. The costume will last and you will not need to purchase a new one for your toddlers of the future.

The second consideration is the ease at which the costume can be put on your toddler. If it is difficult to get you child in and out of the costume you will struggle to change diapers when needed. This may be a real obstacle especially if the Halloween party last for a continued length of time.

Finally, consider how your child will be able to move while wearing the costume and the appropriateness for weather conditions. A costume that is cumbersome may frustrate you toddler and make Halloween miserable for him. If the child is too hot or too cold in the costume this will also cause a great deal of discomfort.

Halloween Props

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