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Regal Red

Updated on May 1, 2015
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Previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

Wax seal Ribbon

Wax seal Ribbon
Wax seal Ribbon

What is red? ~ A 'scrapbook'

Well on the Free Dictionary they define it as

"The hue of the long wave end of the light spectrum

50 Shades of Red Red, Crimson, Scarlet, Cherry, Vermillion, Maroon, Ruby, & Bergundy ok well not exactly 50 do I have here, but there's many hues, shades etc. in between. Oh yeah & You can count Pink as the lightest of red.

Red is the Blood that was shed 84 years ago, in Chicago, IL During the Valentine's Day Massacre; when Al capone's gang murdered 5 gagsters and 2 others .

Its the Flower...The Poppy a symbol of Veterans' Day, a warning, and its the first color I think of when I think of a lipstick. This could be because the color has been worn even in Ancient Egypt by the likes of Cleaopatra, with Actress Marylin Monroe & Elizabeth Taylor & Royalty as well Queen Elizabeth the the first to follow.

The color is popular in the Nations' flags

Royalties are donated to the Red Panda Network

(want to know more about them? There's a lens below with more about them.

Important Note I meant to include more here today (on valentine's day) But sadly I suffered a bit of an accident to one of my hands, which it makes difficult to continue typing today.



japanese Maple Leaf

japanese Maple Leaf
japanese Maple Leaf | Source

'Red' Pandas

I saw a few Red Pandas at the Cape May Zoo a few years back, and those were much smaller than these guys.

Still cute those. They remind me of a cross between a Bear, a Ferret & a fox. I love this video of them playing in the snow with that pumpkin.

Revlon Reds (still sold)

Revlon Reds (still sold)
Revlon Reds (still sold)




Love ~ Passion

Rage ~ Anger

Fire ~ Hot ~Heat

Blood ~ Communism


'Blood' Orange

'Blood' Orange
'Blood' Orange

Blood Orange - I LOVE these!

They have a bit of a different flavor from regular oranges, but not so acidic tasting and maybe a bit sweeter. If the outside of the orange looks like its hemoraging, the dark, sweeter & juicer it will be! I tried waiting awhile for one of the oranges to get this way as the first few I had had dark reddish marks on the outside sadly I ended up wasting the one I experimented with.

I hope I can find that Tea some here but as regular tea not for the K cups & The True Blood Drink is Blood Orange Flavored.

Red Geberber Daisies

Red Geberber Daisies
Red Geberber Daisies | Source

The Red Hat Society

Originally the The Red Hat Society started as a society for mature women, and it soared through word of mouth becoming a women's movement. The red hat society are reconizable by their (obvious) red hats usually with a purple ribbon around it.




The society's Passion

Red hat Society's Wiki page

I really like the way Red and Purple look together, I never figured out why though. Maybe because in a way it looks like it doesn't go together but does. (If that makes any sense)

Ahere is a selection of red hat society items via Widgets

Leave your scarlet letters - its always a red letter day here!

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