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Renaissance Costume Ideas

Updated on March 1, 2018

Renaissance Costumes

The Renaissance was a fascinating period of history, and historians and scholars aren't even able to really define it, as it eventually encompassed most of Europe, and even beyond, as well as many facets of life like religion, arts, science, history and philosophy, among others.

One thing it definitely did do though, was to influence a lot of the way people like to cosplay, as well as a seemingly endless number of Renaissance festivals.

As for the attire of the day, that was also widely different, especially among the different classes, and of course, different regions of the world.

So you would see a wide variety of clothing, also differentiated by those who were artists, etc.

But how this is great in our day is that variety provides us with an endless number of ways to interpret that period of time through costumes. It's one of the funnest things to do in that regard, and is great not only for fairs and festivals, but for Halloween as well.

The costume variety is so great you could have a Halloween Renaissance party with family and friends and not worry about having the same costume; although that could easily happen if you acquire one.

Anyway, here is a look at a number of costume ideas inspired by the Renaissance.

Male Renaissance Costume

For whatever reason, when I think of an artist during the time of the Renaissance, this first costume is close to what it is I imagine them to look like. This is a really cool costume, and would work fantastic in any costuming situation. Love that hat.

Renaissance Costume for Man

Cute Renaissance Maiden Costume

The outfit worn by the woman below is one of a Renaissance maiden, and it's really a fun and compelling costume. While the appearance is of a simple woman, the clothing is anything but, and is full of interesting detail.

Renaissance Maiden Costume

Celtic Renaissance Couples' Costumes

Below is a unique display of Renaissance costumes with the couple, as they display their Celtic pride and interpretation of the period.

The unique design and color are what make these stand out as Celtic Renaissance costumes. Pretty cool.

Celtic Renaissance Costumes

Pretty Renaissance Dress

What a beautiful Renaissance costume below. The way the corset separates the two distinct parts of the outfit works well. The contrasting and vibrant black and red colors, along with the puffy white sleeves, makes this a fantastic costume.

Black, Red and White Renaissance Dress Costume

Pretty Green Renaissance Dress

Here is a unique Renaissance costume, made in a different design than most I've seen. It's another one of those costumes that appear very simple, but is full of detail that is subtle. For example, the lines of the dress and the placement of the narrow part below her breasts, which create part of the nice look of the outfit.

Green Renaissance Dress Costume

Beautiful Renaissance Dresses

These two dresses would definitely be worn by someone of higher means than some we've already seen. They're beautiful and full of color, something any woman would be happy to wear to a festival or Halloween party.

Gorgeous Renaissance Dress Costumes

Renaissance Lord Costume

This was a great find to me, discovering this very compelling costume of a Lord in the time of the Renaissance. This is so detailed it's hard to know where to begin on how fantastic it is and looks. From top to bottom this is a great costume.

While it is what it is because of all the parts combining to make the entirety of the costume look, my favorite would have to be that terrific plumed hat.

Renaissance Lord

Renaissance Fair with Costumes

It's always a good idea to include a group of people wearing a variety of costumes in order to get the best ideas for what would fit us the best. In the photo below, and the prior images, they hopefully get your creative juices flowing and give you a plethora of thoughts as to what will work for you.

Renaissance Costumes

So there you have a brief look at the seemingly endless array of costume ideas you can choose from for a Renaissance Halloween party or festival theme. It is a lot of fun just looking at this amazing period of time through these period costumes. Hopefully you enjoyed it as well.


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