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Rochelle Goyle Costume

Updated on September 16, 2015
Rochelle Goyle Wig
Rochelle Goyle Wig | Source

Dress Up in a Rochelle Goyle Costume

The Monster High costume line grew in 2012 with the introduction of the officially licensed Monster High Rochelle Goyle costume & accessories. This year they have presented a third option for the stone gargoyle. The Freak Du Chic Rochelle costume is based on the character look in the Freak Du Chic design look.

Rochelle Goyle is fashionable Monster High student from Scaris. Her signature look is inspired by rot iron and stain glass. The Rochelle Goyle costume will showcase her love for architecture by featuring a black and white top and shirt with shimery silver details (suggesting both rot iron and stain glass). The look is completed with costume wings and long pink blue streaked wig.

The Freak Du Chic Rochelle costume gives the character more vitality. This look features short curly pink hair with a iron looking headband with jester details. The dress keeps to her signature colors of blue and pink. The tulle gives the costume a whimsical look.

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2015 Freak Du Chic Costume

The Freak Du Chic costume is third costume look for Rochelle.

One of the main difference is Rochelle's hair which seems to suggest a fun with cute ringlets that hang around the gargoyle's crown. This is a departure from her long locks with pink and blue highlights that we see appear in her previous costume looks.

The dress seems to continue the fun sentiment; though, you can also see elements of Rochelle's signature style peaking through with the hints or wroth iron and the use of pink and blue.

The Rochelle Goyle Costume Look - Monster High Gargoyle

Wings and Dress

Monster High Rochelle Goyle Girl's Costume will turn you into Monster High student Rochelle Goyle. The officially licensed costume features a dress based on the doll's signature look. Top of dress is pin striped while bottom is a line skirt with shimmering silver accents.

The Rochelle Goyle costume also includes gargoyle grey wings.

Not included is the wig, shoes and socks. Wig sold separately.

Price: $24.99

Hate Wigs?

While Monster High does have an official Rochelle Goyle wig not everyone likes wearing wigs. They can be itchy and uncomfortable. If you have bangs and long hair you could opt color your hair with hair talk or colored spray. All you would need is pink and blue. Color your hair pink and then add a few blue strands.

Make sure if your using a colored spray you wear something to cover your clothes. You will not want to color your costume or clothes.

Monster High Halloween Costume Rochelle Goyle Scaris Small (4-6)
Monster High Halloween Costume Rochelle Goyle Scaris Small (4-6)

Rochelle Goyle Scaris costume comes with dress, hat and wings.


What You Need

Monster High makes it easy to dress up as the Scaris beauty by producing two official wigs and costumes. What is not included are the socks and shoes in either costume.

To finish off Rochelle's signature look you will need to pick up a pair of pale pink socks and a pair of light grey open toes shoes.

Goyle's Scaris costume is more sophisticated. The dress features a pink dress with image of the Eiffel tower and the pill box styled hat is decorated with a big pink bow. The costume reflects the way the Scaris doll version of Rochelle.

You will have to get your own pink shoes to accompany your 2013 Scaris costume.

Note Rochelle's hair is swept to the side in a braid in the Scaris doll so you will want to style you hair accordingly to reflect the dolls hair style.

Rochelle Goyle Make-Up Tips - Monster High Make-Up Tutorial

Watch this video tutorial on how to apply make up to get the Rochelle Goyle look. Watch as young Emma takes you through this step by step video tutorial.

Emma reveals the pink and purple shades she uses to replicate the Monster High dolls eye make up. Discover how to create the gargoyle's stone complexion using face paint and a tooth brush. Learn how to line your lips to create Rochelle's signature lips.

Make-up Tutorial for Rochelle Goyle

Costume Make-up

While Monster High does sell a official Rochelle Goyle make up kit it is not a must-have to get her look. Regular make-up in your make-up bag will work just as well.

It would be wiser to consider purchasing some white and grey face paint if you plan on trying to recreate the gargoyle's stone complexion. It is easy to apply with a paint brush. I like how Snazaroo face paint works. Just add some water to your brush and make the face paint creamy before you start to apply it.

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