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10 Romantic Gift Ideas for an Antiques Junkie

Updated on January 13, 2014
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I love everything weird and colorful in this world and I try to live a life that will make the world a little better once I'm gone.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Antique Collectors

If you are in love with an antique freak then gift giving is always an experience because something from the local department store just won't do.

If you are looking for a romantic gift, the Victorian Era is the obvious place to start. Plus, prices on Victorian Era items have dropped significantly in the last few years putting some amazing items back into your price range.

You really have to know the person you are shopping for and what styles they are drawn to, but here are a few ideas to start off from.

Photo by Kimberly Ryan used under CC 2.0

1. Love Tokens

Love Tokens

Tokens of love have long been given by those in love to their beloved. Engraving a coin for a loved one was a common practice in the late 18th and 19th centuries. These are beautiful pieces with a fascenation (and somewhat forgotten) history that any antique freak would love.

Learn all about love tokens here:

2. Welsh Love Spoons

Welsh Love Spoons

Welsh love spoons are a centuries-old Welsh tradition. Lovespoon carving was an art! These spoons are elaborate and adorned with symbols that hold meaning about the relationship.

Learn more about Welsh lovespoons:

Welsh Love Spoons

Any antique junkie would love a beautiful Welsh love spoon in their collections. Welsh Love Spoons are available on ebay, but read carefully so you know if you are buying an antique or a recently carved spoon in the old style. The new ones and the antique ones are all beautiful, however.

3. Antique Jewelry Boxes

4. Antique Perfume Bottles

Antique Perfume Bottles

Antique perfume bottles are as different as the person you are getting it for. Try to get one that fits their aesthetic. Buy the one that reminds you of them.

5. Cameos


Cameos are just such beautiful little pieces of art. Usually depicting a woman, they are a work of love. To me, the wispy hair carved into a hard surface is quite romantic, and while not every woman on a cameo is beautiful, most are.

Cameos Old & New (4th Edition) (CV V)
Cameos Old & New (4th Edition) (CV V)
You can find beautiful cameo jewelry or you can look for an interesting cameo carved on a full shell as something different.

6. Combined Interests

Something They Will Love for Many Reasons

One way to make someone feel really special, is to get something special for them that shows that you know them and know what they like.

If they have a collection of vintage sewing items, then it is obvious that they love vintage sewing items, and getting them one would be liked and appreciated, but expected. However, if you know they also love elephants, then an antique elephant pin cushion would be an item they will surely fall in love with.

Look at what they love - their taste in antiques, the styles they are drawn to, the eras they prefer, whatever they like. If you can find an item that combines a few of those interests,

7. Vintage Romantic Postcards

8. Monogrammed Antiques

Antiques Monogrammed With Your Loved Ones Initials

Finding a great antique with your loved one's initials on it shows that you chose this items with them in mind. It shows you did a bit more research and searching, so it feels so much more special to the person receiving it.

Obtaining a nice piece with the initials of your loved one on it make take some pre-planning, but you might just get lucky and stumble upon the perfect item.

I would recommend looking early. You can save some searches in your ebay account and set them to email you when an item is listed that fits your request. This is a great way not to miss it when that amazing item gets listed.

You can find all sorts of things that are monogrammed or even engraved with a name. Look for jewelry, linens, silver, buttons, glass, purses, flasks, tobacciana, hand mirrors, sewing items, teapots, clocks, and other items.

9. Sappy & Sentimental

It's all in how you sell it

Not afraid to go sappy (and perhaps a bit cheesy)? You can make any antique into a romantic, albeit schmaltzy, with the right tag.

  • Here's the key to my heart - antique key
  • You are the light of my life - antique lantern, antique lamp, antique candlesticks, etc.
  • "I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we are together, and the hours we are away." or simply "I'll love you for all time" - antique clock, antique watch, sundial.

10. Love Letters

Love Letters

What says "I Love You" better than a love letter? If you can't bring your own words to the paper, then buy an antique love letter that has touched another in times gone by. However, it would be great if you write your own love letter to give with your antique one. Give it a try.


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