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Romantic Gifts For Boyfriend

Updated on September 17, 2014

Best Romantic Gift Ideas For A Boyfriend

How do you find the best romantic gifts for boyfriend, whether he is a geek, an intellectual, or a DIY kind of guys? There are so many fun, creative and sentimental gift ideas that you can get him, you can practically search for hours and still not be satisfied that this is IT.

To make your search easier, here I have put together some of the best and most romantic gift ideas for a boyfriend for any occasion, including Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversaries or a birthday.

Let your boyfriend know that you love him by carefully choosing the best gift that really speaks to him.

Afterall he is the person who brings a smile to your face, makes your heart flutter and doesn't take you for granted. So why should you? Find here all the sentimental treasures that will warm his heart and tell him that you love him so much more! From key chains, jewelry, to gift baskets and personalized coffee mugs, you will find here all the great boyfriend gifts, and many more!

Image shown above is the fun Key to my Heart Key Ring.

How To Choose a Romantic Gift For A Boyfriend

Choosing the right gift (a romantic one, if possible) for a boyfriend is can be easy or can be difficult, depending on how you look at it. It can be fun as well, actually.

The important thing to be aware of is where you stand with him right now, how far ahead are you with your relationship together. If you're really close together and you've been with each other for quite some time, the gift you will choose will be very different from one that you will pick for him if you're at the beginning of the relationship, still in the early stages, and you're not even sure how long it will last beyond the first flame.

Also what occasion is the gift for? Is it for a birthday? Is it for Christmas? Is it for his nameday (if you're living in a country that celebrates it), or maybe it is for your anniversary together?

Finally what type of personality does he have and what types of things does he like receiving - things that he needs, or that he'd like, something that he's missing from his set of tools or accessories.

An easy way to figure out what to buy him is to really listen to him speak and paying attention to what he wants, things he misses, something he's lost, a place he hasn't been in ages and wants to go.

There are many small cues that you can take from really listening to him, and by paying attention to the other characteristics mentioned above, you can find a beautiful, or elegant, or useful or all of the above gift for him for the next occasion that warrants giving your boyfriend a present.

Romantic Keychains

Romantic Key Chains That Say I Love You

Ordinarily key chains are very 'take for granted' type of things, however did you know that they make some great romantic gifts for a boyfriend, especially when they are shaped as hearts? There are many beautiful keychains that say "I love you" in various ways, either directly or through the symbol, and while a key chain might not be the only thing you want to give him, it can be a great addition to any other gift. They are certainly inexpensive and just so adorable!

Check out these keychains for any romantic occasion, including a Christmas party for two, Valentine's Day or his birthday.

Couple Love Keychain Key Ring Heart & Magnet

Jewelry For Him

Romantic Jewelry For A Boyfriend As Gift

Jewelry is very personal, and in most cases, very romantic. Of course if you only know your boyfriend for a short time, you won't get him expensive jewelry - a cute key chain will be more appropriate. However, if your relationship is more serious, there is no better time to give him something that says "I love you" than now, with some romantic jewelry for him.

Gorgeous pendants, necklaces, wearable and fun cuffs, bracelets and cufflinks, or a romantic ring that will remind him of you, these are all perfect gifts to give him for Christmas, for his birthday or for the annual Valentine's Day. Check out the romantic jewelry I found for a romantic boyfriend.

Sterling Silver "Love Is Not Finding Someone You Can Live with, Its Finding Someone You Can't Live without" Catch Bangle Bracele

Sterling Silver "Love Is... Finding Someone You Can't Live Without" Sentiment Catch Bangle Bracelet
Sterling Silver "Love Is... Finding Someone You Can't Live Without" Sentiment Catch Bangle Bracelet

A gorgeous bangle for him (or for her), saying everything you want to tell your partner. Luxurious look and feel, it is made of sterling silver with the saying "Love Is Not Finding Someone You Can Live with, Its Finding Someone You Can't Live without". The perfect romantic gift!


I Am My Beloved and My Beloved Is Mine Handmade Charm Bracelet for Men

The romantic jewelry for him doesn't always have to be overly expensive made of precious metals. Sometimes something wearable for every day cna win his heart in... a heart beat!

The charm is sterling silver, however the actual bracelet is the popular wax wire. The charm says "I Am My Beloved and My Beloved Is Mine". Very romantic!

My Heart Will... Pocket Compass

Not so much jewelry, as a romantic pocket compass for him. Made from fine quality pewter, it is a great gift for a guy who travels too much.

The words "my heart will guide you home" are imprinted on one side of the compass, always reminding him of you, even when he's thousands of miles away.

Romantic Mugs For Him

Romantic Coffee And Tea Mugs For Him

Coffee and tea mugs make great gifts for a guy, especially when they are personalized with a cute heart, couple or a romantic saying. If your boyfriend is a coffee or tea drinker, this is a great gift for him, one that will be used practically every single day, whether at home or at his workplace.

Can you imagine picking up the mug to drink from it and remembering you - today, tomorrow, after tomorrow, and all the time? What better incentive to give him a mug as gift than this? :-)

You can even buy a set of two mugs, one for him and one for you. Drinking the morning tea or coffee together from matching cups. How romantic!

Abstract Vintage I love you - Mugs

mug_27993_1 Patricia Sanders Creations - Abstract Vintage I love you - Mugs - 11oz Mug
mug_27993_1 Patricia Sanders Creations - Abstract Vintage I love you - Mugs - 11oz Mug

A great Love You mug for guys, sturdy, and not 'cutesy' at all. Perfect for any boyfriend to take to work with him and drink from it his favorite beverage.

It has a great abstract design, which makes it perfect for using it any place, any time.


Romantic Games For Him And Her

Romantic Games For Couples In Love

I love romantic games, they're great time spenders with the loved one, and there's nothing better than blushing under a 'loaded question" and having to answer truthfully to something romantic that is asked of you. Some board games are romantic, others are fun, and others are great for playing during a party with friends.

Romantic Rendezvous Board Game

Romantic Rendezvous Board Game
Romantic Rendezvous Board Game

A great game for couples to play that helps build closeness, trust and intimacy between two people. It is a fun game, but one that can lead to some...interesting results :-) Highly recommended.


Shopping For Some Romantic Gifts For Him?

Shopping For Some Romantic Gifts For Him?

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Romantic Gifts That Don't Involve Buying Him Something

Most people accept that giving (or getting) a romantic gift involves a real, physical gift. A book, a key chain, jewelry, a mug, flowers, etc.

However there are many different gifts that you give him - or make for him - which are just as romantic - if not more - than the store bought gifts.

So here are some ideas to get you started:

A great idea - treasure hunt ending with a meeting in a romantic place
A great idea - treasure hunt ending with a meeting in a romantic place | Source

  • Find out his favorite restaurant and book in advance a table for two (in a rather secluded corner area) for Valentine's day (or his birthday).

  • Depending on where you are with your relationship together, you might book a romantic vacation - or at least a weekend getaway for the two of you. Somewhere in the mountains, or at the beach, but make sure it's somewhere away from home. With the just the two of you around.

  • A massage and a hot romantic bathtub encounter. If you are good at giving massage, how about giving him one in the evening, after which you run him a hot bath, of course not without you also slipping in with him in the tub.

  • Are you living in a tall building with many apartments? A great idea is to organize for him a rooftop dinner. But make sure you are not disturbed by nosy neighbors.

  • Plan a night out with him - a walk on the beach with a night under the stars.

  • Send him on a treasure hunt - where the treasure is you. Leave him little notes that he has to follow to get to the next one. The place where he will find you should be a special one - maybe the place where you first met, where you had that first dinner together, where he first told you he loves you.

© 2012 Marika

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    • Wedding Mom profile image

      Wedding Mom 5 years ago

      The key chains are really cute.

    • ladyyummy profile image

      ladyyummy 5 years ago

      I'd have to say... this is the greatest lens I've seen about 'gifts for him' These are super cute gift ideas!! :D I really like the key chains.

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      And I always thought romantic gifts for guys were hard to find - what an amazing selection! My favorite is the heart pocket compass.