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Created Blue Sapphire Jewelry: Gorgeous and Classic Women's Gift

Updated on September 5, 2014
Created Blue Sapphire Jewelry Set
Created Blue Sapphire Jewelry Set

A new year has come again with new gift ideas. People will like to enjoy holidays and celebrations in new style. All will look upon new gift items for their kids, spouse, friends, parents and other family members. They are hoping for another happy and enjoyable year and may take new resolutions for this year.

I Met My Friend Jody

At the beginning of January this year, I went to Los Angeles to attend a seminar where I met Jody, one of my good friends. At the end of the seminar, we both were dam exhausted. We planned to meet next day to spend more time together.

We went to a shopping mall first. Jody was looking for a nice pendant for Marina, his newlywed. We found much elegant jewelries, but no one could attract Jody but a natural blue sapphire pendant. However, he was quite hesitant to purchase that one. First, I thought that the reason is its price range. Then Jody explained the story behind blue sapphire. He explained that after seeing the movie "Titanic" Marina wished to have a blue sapphire pendant. Moreover, blue is coolest color and symbolizes Virgin Mary. Pure blue refers to sincerity, inspiration and spirituality. That is why Jody wanted to get a blue pendant.Jody expressed that knowing all astrological facts about natural blue sapphire he can not gift it to his dearest one.

Logan Sapphire - the second largest blue sapphire from  Sri Lanka. (courtesy -
Logan Sapphire - the second largest blue sapphire from Sri Lanka. (courtesy -

Astrological Power of Blue Sapphire

Jody explained me in short about the strong astrological power of real blue sapphire.From the ancient and medieval periods,it was believed that blue sapphire brings protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. It was a symbol of power and strength. Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn as per "Vedic Astrology".It is the strongest and the fastest acting gemstone which is also called 'Neelam'.

If it suits the user, it has many benefits. It can bless with wealth, good luck, opportunity, and prosperity and success in every aspects of life within 1 day to a month of wearing it.Even it can cure many critical diseases.

On the other hand, blue sapphire does not suit every one.This gem stone has many harmful effects not less than benefits. Whom it does not suit,the negative influence of blue sapphire starts as soon as the person wears it.The person may have pain in his eyes or catch any skin infection. It should not be worn if the person is getting nightmares every night. A poor can get wealth and supreme power if it suits. A rich will be turned into a beggar if it does not. That is why Jody was hesitating.

Alternate of Real Blue Saphhire

Knowing all, I suggested for a synthetic blue sapphire created in lab, which does not have such astrological power. Sitting in a food corner, on his request I showed him many online shopping stores on my laptop offering blue sapphire jewelries. There is a huge collection of beautifully designed, eye catching created blue sapphire pendants, earrings, rings and more with attractive and elegant look. It is not such easy sorting in short time. We decided to keep the choosing task pending for next day.

Synthetic Blue Sapphire

Created Gemstone and Diamond-Accent Pendant Necklace
Created Gemstone and Diamond-Accent Pendant Necklace

Awesome New Year Gift!

10k White Gold Created Gemstone and Diamond-Accent Pendant Necklace, 18"

Next day, after browsing through many and knowing pros and cons, we both settled on the Amazon Curated Collection to choose from. The fashion jewelries look exactly like real ones. We Selected an excellent Created Gemstone and Diamond-Accent Pendant Necklace from the Curated Collection.The Gem Type: created-blue-sapphire - an unique pendant mounted with 10k White Gold.Pieces from the Amazon Curated Collection come packaged in a custom box, making them wonderful gifts.

Created Blue Sapphire Briolette and Diamond Dangle Earrings
Created Blue Sapphire Briolette and Diamond Dangle Earrings

10k White Gold Created Blue Sapphire Briolette and Diamond Dangle Earrings

Not only that, Jody was in esteemed mood that day. He didn't stopped there. He went on searching for earrings that goes with the pendant. Ultimately he found this Created Blue Sapphire Briolette and Diamond Dangle Earrings. It was really appealing.It has stunning and luxurious look. The vivid blue created sapphires are attached beneath 10K white gold diamond-studded swirling clover shapes.Moreover All diamonds featured in the Amazon Curated Collection are certified,conflict free and imported.

Jody was so impressed with the gorgeous look of the pendant necklace and the dangle earrings. After knowing detailed information and comparing the prices he finally placed the order for both. Marina should be proud of her loving and caring husband who can spare long hours to find out such an awesome New Year surprise.

© 2011 manjubose5


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  • theastrology profile image


    6 years ago from New Delhi

    Wow! great hub. Perfectly written.

  • profile image

    Eliza Winters 

    6 years ago

    I love the blue sapphire jewelry posted on here. I am really wanting my husband to get me some for Christmas. I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Now I need to figure out how to slip him the link. Thanks for sharing!


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