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Scary Carnivorous Plants and Meat Eating Plants Perfect for Little Monsters

Updated on January 19, 2015

Scary Carnivorous Plants and Meat Eating Plants Perfect for Little Monsters

Carnivorous Plants and Meat Eating Plants are absolutely perfect for any budding gardening enthusiasts. For youngsters, especially those that aren't keen on pretty flowers, the types of carnivorous plants and meat eating plants that are perfect, are the Venus Fly Trap type of plants.

There are many other types of carnivorous plants and exotic plants that children will adore (and the good news is, they don't need a great deal of looking after), including clever and magical sensitive plants that move when you touch them...sounds very Harry Potter doesn't it?

For any young children that loves to get messy, likes creepy crawlies and all things icky and yucky...these meat eating and carnivorous plants are ideal as little projects that are super fun and exciting.

Check this range of EXCELLENT Carnivorous Plants on - all of which receive 5 STAR Customer Reviews!

On this page, I've collected some of the best carnivorous plants and meating eating plants that the wide world web has to offer. They would make excellent projects for Halloween, or for a gift! Give the gift of a scary plant to someone who likes all things creepy and ghouly.

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Brilliant starter kits - to get your scary carnivorous plant, meat eating!

Venus Fly Trap Fiends Plant Kit With Micro Terrarium

Don't crowd your Carnivorous Plant!

Although some of the images on this page, show a meat eating plant under some sort of plastic shelter - like a green house, it's not a good idea to keep your carnivorous plant sheltered like that. They need room to breathe and fresh air to grow in! It's fine to start them off like that, but once the seedlings appear and you have your own mini meat eater plant established, let it out in the open!

Do you let your Plants Eat Meat?

Have you ever grown a carnivorous plant, or a meat eating plant?

See results

Venus Fly Trap Carnivorous Plants Grow It Kit

Don't keep a carnivorous plant in a contained garden, they need open air to thrive and survive!

Tickle Me Plant Deluxe Greenhouse Kit

This neat little kit is perfect for those that aren't looking for a plant that will eat insects or mystery flying bugs. This cool little plant reacts to touch. All you do is gentle tickle it's leaves and it will react and curl up - super cute - and a brilliant way to get kids engaged with nature, caring for plant life and gardening.

Simply right-click and copy these words, "Tickle Me Plant Deluxe Greenhouse Kit", then click on one of the links above and right-click paste them into the search box!

Exciting carnivorous plants, that have already grown!

Of course, if you want a carnivorous plant, you need to buy them from seed. If you click on any of the links on this page, you can buy all sorts of carnivorous plants that are already fully grown.

For some, this is a perfect option, it means less stress about getting your seeds to germinate...they've already done that. So now, all you need is to care for them. Sweet!

Did you know the Scientific name for a Venus Fly Trap is:

Dionaea Muscipula

Probably the Most Famous Carnivorous and Meat Eating Plant... - Buy the Movie Poster for Little Shop of Horrors...

The Little Shop of Horrors!

If you haven't seen this film, I thoroughly recommend it, it's a lot of fun.

The imagery is iconic, as is the music.

...and of course, it's about a big venus fly trap that grows...and grows...

Do not feed Humans to your Carnivorous Plant

...or hamburgers! There is too much fat and protein, that the carnivorous venus fly trap can't digest. All that will happen, is your beautiful Dionaea muscipula will rot and die, and we don't want that, do we?

This "Sensitive" plant is REALLY cool...the slightest touch to it, will make the leaves close up!

Let me know what you think about Carnivorous Plants and Meat Eating Plants...

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    • MarcoG profile image

      Marc 5 years ago from Edinburgh

      @banapple: They are indeed, incredibly fascinating...and helpful, to rid your home of those pesky flies! I love carnivorous plants :) Thanks for visiting :)

    • banapple profile image

      banapple 5 years ago

      My kids would love these. I have never actually seen one in person, but I'm sure they would be very interesting to watch. Thanks for the info!