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Seahorse and Turtle Costumes

Updated on April 14, 2013

Seahorse and Turtle Costumes

Do you want a unique Halloween costume? Why not go to your next costume party dressed as one of these magnificent sea creatures: a seahorse or a turtle?!

You'll find fabulous seahorse costumes and turtle costumes for adults, children and infants showcased here on this page.

Make a splash for Halloween in a terrific turtle costume or seahorse costume! These unique costumes are sure to turn heads whether you are at a costume party or out trick or treating. If you want to stand out from all the vampires, superheroes, and creepy costumes, be one of these great animals for Halloween.

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Seahorse Costumes - Different Sizes Available

These costumes would work well for a boy or a girl.

Child's Seahorse Halloween Costume (7-10)
Child's Seahorse Halloween Costume (7-10)

This costume consists of a bodysuit and headpiece. The tights and shoes shown in the photo are not included.

Toddler Sea Horse Halloween Costume (Size: 3T-4T)
Toddler Sea Horse Halloween Costume (Size: 3T-4T)

This is the same costume as shown above. I like how this photo shows a shirt can be worn underneath. Many places in the country are chilly at Halloween, so that is perfect.

Sea Horse Bunting Costume
Sea Horse Bunting Costume

Here is a bunting type seahorse costume for 0-6 months. This will keep baby warm and cute.


Adult Seahorse Halloween Costume - For Men or Women

This is an awesome costume! It is a great yellow color and I love the detail. This would be great for an adult man or woman.

Adult Seahorse Halloween Costume
Adult Seahorse Halloween Costume

This tunic style fits most adults and can be worn my men or women. Love the tail! A headpiece completes the look.


Adult Turtle Costumes

There are mutant ninja turtle style costumes here, as well as regular turtle. I like those myself.

Forum Deluxe Plush Turtle Mascot Costume
Forum Deluxe Plush Turtle Mascot Costume

I like this soft, fuzzy one. This is a full suit, professional turtle mascot costume. A great investment.

Disguise Costumes Unisex - Classic Muscle Raphael
Disguise Costumes Unisex - Classic Muscle Raphael

A TMNT Raphael costume that fits most adult sizes.


Octopus Costume For Baby
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Things to Consider

Important considerations while costume shopping

Some things to consider when purchasing a costume are where it will be worn, how long, and whether or not the costumer will be outside.

Many costumes, seahorses in this one, have prominent tails. These are not great costumes if you will need to sit down for a long period of time. When trick or treating or going to a party there isn't a lot of sitting, so it should be okay, but please consider your own situation.

Some costumes are quite warm for indoors, or they may have uncomfortable pieces. Keep in mind when purchasing how long the costume will be worn. You want something that is comfortable.

If the costumer will be outside, consider the local weather. Many costumes can layer long sleeves or long underwear underneath. This is important if it might be chilly. Other styles, it is not possible, so make sure the design of the costume works in your situation.

If you are shopping for a costume for a child, make sure you get something that will work for their age and maturity level. It is also fun if you purchase one that can be worn later for dress up. That way you get the most for your money. Costumes can also be passed down to other kids.

TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Shell Backpack With 4 Masks - Officially licensed Ninja Turtle Backpack

This is a great alternate to a traditional costume.

Bioworld TMNT Shell Backpack Green (Standard)
Bioworld TMNT Shell Backpack Green (Standard)

I've included this because it ships with a mask to represent each Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It could easily be worn with a green turtleneck and green pants as a costume.


Silly Safari Costume, Turtle Costume - Toddler and Small Size

This is from a line of photo-realistic costumes by Silly Safari.

Silly Safari Costume, Turtle Costume
Silly Safari Costume, Turtle Costume

This is a jump suit costume with a head piece that attaches with velcro. This is a durable costume that would last beyond Halloween.


Infant Turtle Costumes - Many styles available

A huge selection of adorable turtle costumes for babies. Whether you have a toddler walking around, a little one that can crawl, or just a little baby, there is a turtle costume here for you.

The best thing about the types of costumes made for babies is that they are usually easy to get into, warm, and cozy. Check out the different styles and see what works best for your little one.

Rubie's Costume EZ-On Romper Costume, Turtle
Rubie's Costume EZ-On Romper Costume, Turtle

Very cute romper style costume. Easy on and off for quick costume changes.

Turtle Baby Costume (6 Months)
Turtle Baby Costume (6 Months)

Keep your little one warm in this full costume with green body, yellow tummy, and turtle "shell".

Child's Infant Baby Turtle Halloween Costume (12 Months)
Child's Infant Baby Turtle Halloween Costume (12 Months)

Nice big shell on this one. This is a great choice for a crawler.


Turtle Tuck Romper Baby Costume - From The Wonder Pets

This costume is for Tuck from The Wonder Pets television show. This show is really popular with toddlers and preschoolers. Tuck comes with a jumpsuit, head covering and has an attached cape.


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      victoriuh 4 years ago

      @OhMe: Thanks for visiting. I think turtles make a great mascot.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 4 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Just had to come see the turtle costumes. Our community playground uses the turtle throughout and it would be fun to have a Mascot.

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      Ben Reed 5 years ago from Redcar

      A great selection.