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FALL for WINtering Seasonal Beauty

Updated on December 8, 2014
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I was previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

What during this time gets the most dried out

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The seasons Turn turn turn

I don't know about you but during the fall and winter i get a bit of dry skin and my nails get really brittle as well as my hair.

Between the heat in the house and the cold outside what do we do to combat dry brittle body parts?

Keep in mind not only does Cold water & cold air dry out your skin but hot water for too long can also remove the moisture of your. So read on for some products, tips & tricks to help you out!

Winter Scents = you can wear the slightly stronger scents like musks. (but Please keep it to a 2 - 3 spray minium)

The Beauty Balm and it's pages are moving!

They will now have their own blog (premanently posted to the pages section of If you'd like to be a contributor you may contact me with your email address. That means the beauty pages will only be on Hubpages for a limited time until I can get it all situated. I hope you will follow me over there

DisclaimerThis lens is part of the Beauty Balm all copyrights & creative comons that apply to the beauty balm apply for this as well as my other 'spin-off's from The Beauty Balm. Images unless noted are not of my making and I take no credit for them. The Beauty Balm 'logo' IS by Me as well as all the tips herein (i've been using them pretty much most of my life!) along with all rights and is in no way to be reused in any way without expressed HANDwritten consent.

Winter HAIR

Wash hair every other to 2 days to prevent dryness as well as brittle hair & split ends

Be sure to use Conditioner (esp. some extra for the tips of your hair ladies)

as well as leave in your hair will need it with the moissture sucking cold!

Zi's hair Salon

before the season really changes (please read in full)

either make an appointment with your salon(s) or do it yourself (more care should go into it anyway not rushed like they do)

Shampoo with one of those shampoos like Neutrogena's T/sal (=Scalp build up control) or Clean Replenishing moisturizing Shampoo.

step 2 Use one of those Oil (scalp) treatment like V05 Hot oil


next DEEP condition your hair (for instance Garnier Fruitics has a 3 minute leave on)

while the conditioner is still in your hair ....if you have split ends Flip your head over (if you have no one else that can) to comb your hair and just trim a little above the area of where the split starts. be sure to keep a chunck of hair that's already cut with a longer piece so you can keep it even. I've done this myself & the ONLY people that were able to tell I did it myself was the beautician, WHEN she started to cut my hair!

RINSE well in luke warm water, then with cool to coldish water let it flow down & seal your hair folicles using a cup will help . (only a couple seconds)

towel dry & let your hair air dry a bit (if you feel like you MUST blow Dry it, then keep the dryer blowing down (& don't use the cold button) your hair (as you can get split ends that way as well) using your fingers to comb through your hair

then while still damp (but not sopping wet) comb or brush some LEAVE in conditioner in your hair to protect it

*Get a conditioner for daily use, esp. if you wash your hair in the winter every day

be sure during the fall & winter that you DO condition your hair each time you shamoo (the regular one) and

Deep Conditioning once a week & treatment (hot oil) once a month.

even if you condition after every wash, comb or brush some leave in conditioner through your hair. (because one you are stripping your hair and scalp of it's natural oils and those cold days you wear a hat or hood, (it'll keep the static down also keep a static sheet in them! this way your hair won't look like you've had the shock of your life.)

*Try & wait another week before you do anything with chemicals after this then if you need to touch up hair color, perm, straightning etc.. touch it up at home (& you will save money) plus some of those at home coloring treatments at least (I do remember one I used) had some sort of moisturizing effect or conditioner with it. (also once you do have a new color or perm be sure to use the shampoo to prolong it

be sure you let that sit for 24 -48 hours before washing your hair (& when you shower use a shower cap to keep from fading more) any of that checmical stuff strips your hair & scalp of it's natural oils. When you condition use the leave in or the hot oil treatment.

Keeping moisturized

keep skin hydrated by of course drinking loads of water, as well as use

baby oil or Lotions (esp. while still a little damp)

Winter = thick lotions for that dry cracked skin

oily, or 'greasy' feeling ones are great for this season as well.

Summer= thin & not oily or greasy

Skin 'problem'

Is your skin

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Tips & Tricks

Handy Advice

Keep hands looking Hot and hydrated

keep them moist by carrying a travel sized lotion with you, be sure to use your gloves or hand warmers in your pockets.

Wash dishes using Rubber cleaning gloves (especially if you have nails real or fake)

Use a lotion based with natural HUMECTANT every time after you wash your hands (or do dishes)

Humectant lotions normally contain Cocoa butter, Lanolin, or Shea butter, & because they are chemical free your skin absorbs it easily.

Use some baby oil or a dime size (or less) amount of Olive oil is a good lubricant fr your hands & all natural as well to keep your hands helthy this fall & winter. (use while you still have beads of water on your hands)

After slathering lotion on, protect your hands especially if you are about to go to bed with a pair of cotton gloves (or in a pinch cotton socks work too

Do not RUB when drying your hands, pat them (as well as any area of your body) that can irritate your skin, making it feel & look more dried out even when they are not.

Winter color trends

Winter colors are chilly, winter bright basically any color like a red, would be as if seeing it through snow.

Neutral muted pastel tones that are based in grey.

Lock in moisture (in or outside) with anything in stick form containing dimethicon and wax

Emollients creams & ointments are best for inside

Mani pedis

take your polish off then go wash your hands & use a nail brush to get under your nails.

put some liquid soap (not anti bacterial it dries out the skin) & warm water with a teaspoon of babyoil in a bowl to soak your nails & hands for 5 minutes each.

after that trim your nails with your clipper or emery board (never use coarse on your real nails)

use some cuticle balm & rub it in not only to your cuticles but into the nails (as during this time they start to get brittle. My nails peel , chip even break so much easier use some WARM lotion to spread on your hands & if you have cotton gloves put those on after, otherwise use a cotton sock this way the oils lotion etc will soak in.

everytime you wash your hands use a little baby oil before you dry off and then pat your hands dry, then put a little lotion on. You could also just use messy vaseline to get the same effect. (best to put some cotton gloves or socks & sleep with that on so that you don't get everything greasey )

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