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Sexy Witch Shoes

Updated on April 9, 2013

I Love Witch Shoes! Sexy Halloween Witch Shoes!

I really like shoes and this Halloween I am looking for some Sexy Witch Shoes to go with one of my many Witch costumes. I'm looking for very special footwear, a pair of shoes that will leave an impression on anyone who sees them. I want them to remember my shoes and me in them! That means the regular pointed toe up witch shoes just won't do. You know the ones I mean, they are cute and look great with many costumes, but come on, they are so colonial! The Salem Witch burning days are over and I mean to get some shoes that today's fashionista would love to have. So call me Witch Diva, I don't care!

The shoe picture is from Amazon and the shoes are for sale on this page.

You can wear these sexy women's shoes all year long, they look that good!

These Witch Shoes Are Called Wicked

But I Think They Are Just Right!

Do you think they are named for Wicked The Play? They would be a fitting match for the musical show about witches, don't you think? If you don these shoes and someone starts talking about "Something Wicked Comes This Way", they WILL be talking about you!

Want Some Sexy Spidery Boots For Your Witch Costume?

Spiders and witches seem to go together like that popular mortal snack, peanut butter and jelly. If that's true, then these are the perfect boots for your witch costume at Halloween. These boots are black with a trim of red or purple, all colors that are very popular with witches and have been for centuries. Don't you just adore the web design and the way the heel rides high up to above the ankle? Won't these look great with a spider web shawl and some big spider jewelry.

Iron Fist Witch Shoes Are Sexy

Witch Shoes - High Heels With A Plaform

These platform shoes by Iron Fist are called witch shoes, and all it takes is one look to see they are wicked! Lots of wicked shoes on this page, but then, that's a sexy look for a witch.

Red And Black Shoes For Your Halloween Witch Costume - High Heels For Halloween

Wearing a black witch costume this year? Well, these black and red heels will make it a costume to remember. Love the bow, don't you?

Purple Witch Shoes Are Sexy

Don't You Just Love These High Heeled Purple Shoes

Wearing purple or black this Halloween? These sexy witch shoes in purple are just the little number you've been looking for. Pair them up with a gothic black and purple cape for an unforgettable costume look.

WOW - The Ultimate Sexy Witch Costume And Shoe

Here's a tiny purple number, but if you decide to wear this on Halloween, you will be hotter than ever and very cold at the same time.

Naughty Monkey Makes A Sexy Boot Witches Will Love

These Naughty Monkey boots are a great look if you are a witch, and even if you aren't. For Halloween and any other time of the year you feel like wearing a boot.

Witch Shoes Up For Auction

Bid on your favorite witch shoes for Halloween.

Naughty Monkey Purr Ankle Boots

The Ideal Halloween Familiar For A Witch

A Witch's familiar is usually a cat, but this year you can replace kitty with these sexy high heeled ankle boot with a faux wool fold and lacing up the back. MEOW!

One Of The Sexiest Pair Of Witch Shoes Aren't Shoes At All

Looking For Hot Over The Knee Thigh High Stiletto Boots?

These are steaming hot boots and they will turn any witch costume into the sexiest costume in the place!

Sexy And Beautiful Black Witch Shoes

Glittery and black, these witch shoes would go with just about any outfit I can think of.

Bewitched By These Sexy Witch Shoes? Let Me Know!

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