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Short Mother's Day Poems for Kids

Updated on March 18, 2014

Poems are one of the very best ways to let someone know how you feel, and with Mother’s Day approaching, what better way to wish her a happy Mother’s Day?

Moms have always loved when they receive something handmade and special from their children, and this feeling does not go away just because you grow up.

Writing her a poem from the bottom of your heart is the very least you can do for her on this day that is supposed to be all about her.

It doesn’t have to be long, she will love it, and you will feel good knowing you wrote it all on your own!


How To Write a Poem for Mom

But, how do you go about writing short mother’s day poems? Stray away from the “roses are red, violets are blue” and write something that’s original to you! (How was that for a poem?)

Here’s a few pointers that should help you:

  • Make lists: Make separate lists of thing like special memories, inside jokes, traditions, things you are thankful for, things your mom has done for you, and so on. These will give you something to reference when writing!

  • Poems don’t have to rhyme.

  • Keep it clean: You can use humor but don’t be vulgar or write anything embarrassing! This poem might just be read aloud in front of others, especially if the card is being opened in front of a group.

  • Determine the mood: Are you trying to make her laugh or make her cry happy tears?

  • Remember the point of the holiday: It is to thank your mother for everything she has done and continues to do out of her good heart. Don’t forget to thank her!

Now that you have the all the tips you need in order to write awesome, short Mother’s Day poems, it’s time to get writing!

Need some samples to help you along? No problem. Here are some poems both from a daughter’s and a son’s perspective:


Poems from Daughter


Pony tails and hair bows
Dresses made by hand,
Taking strolls beachside
Making footprints in the sand.

There’s no one quite like you, Mom,
Who can blue the skies from gray.
It’s you that I’m so delighted
To be wishing a Happy Mother’s Day!

True Lady

You showed me how to be a lady
A woman with a lot of class
If I ever failed to use my manners
You’d spank my little…

Ask me questions and make me answer
Making sure I used proper grammar
Because if I didn’t, that’d be it!
You were just making sure, I gave a...

“Shhh!” Was your reaction if I was acting out
So thank you, Mom, for showing me
how to be a proper lady!
You are what today is all about!

Head to Toe

I have the sweetest mother
From her head to her toes
Her heart is tender, he touch is loving
Her beauty is that of a rose.

Hug it away

With Mom, I feel safe
She brought me to life
Even my dad says
She’s the best wife.

She turns tears into smiles
And fear into ease
Pain into strength
All with a gentle, loving squeeze.

So here’s to you, mom,
you are truly the best!
I hope to be as good a mom as you
I am truly so blessed!

What are your plans for Mom this Mother's Day?

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Poems from Son


Momma’s hugs
And catching bugs,
Playing at the park
Holding my hand
Showing me how to be a little man
to tucking me in after dark
Thank you, momma, for everything,
Letting me be a kid
Cheering me up when I was sad
And for doing everything you did!

I Owe Mom!

My dad picked the best mom for me
Do you know how I know?
He showed me how to be a man
While she helped me to grow

Into the person that I am today
Big and strong, no doubt
But sensitive and loving like she
I owe it all to the best mom around!

DIY Mom's Day Gift

Happy Mother's Day!

When you sit down to write short mother’s day poems, make sure you keep in mind why you’re writing them, even if it seems hard.

Compared to what your mother went through to raise kids, it’s quite an easy task and she deserves to hear that big “thank you” and job well done!


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