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Silly Christmas Holiday Songs

Updated on February 12, 2019
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My name is Jolene Belmain, and I love my family, including my fur babies, and cooking.

Silly Christmas Holiday Songs

There are so many wonderful silly fun Christmas songs and jingles that it would really be sad to miss out on a single one of these goofy little Christmas tunes.

Christmas is a season of family, friends, and joy. Happy upbeat Christmas tunes can help you to get into the perfect seasonal mood. So pop on your Santa hat, whistle up a few reindeer, and let's put the music on.

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I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas

A Santa Snow Village Is A Delightful Way To Christmas Up Home... Ho Ho Ho!

Decorating the house for the holidays is a great way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

So dig out the garland, Christmas tree, ornaments and mistletoe, turn on those wonderful Christmas tunes and feel the Christmas spirit move through your body.

Have A Silly Christmas

Stress and Christmas can Overlap for some.

For some people the little stresses that come along with the Christmas season can overpower the enjoyment of the holiday and this is a situation that should just never happen.

It is easy to understand. Business people find themselves overworked to the breaking point, lower income families experience added pressure to squeak extra monies out of their already too tight financial budgets, and an overworked mom can find herself having extra shopping, entertaining, and cooking to add into her already busy schedule.

The stress and frustration that they are experiencing is obvious on their faces and in their dampened attitude toward what should be a very enjoyable time for them. So let's work at chasing that attitude away.

If you see someone who's holiday season isn't going quite as good as it should, stop and give them a little pat on the back. It is often the little things that can make all the stress go away. A smile, a hot cup of coffee with a friend, or an hour soaking in the tub.

Do you love Christmas?

Do you love Christmas?

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Christmas is for everyone and that includes pets.

Christmas is a season of joy and giving. Happiness is for sharing and his is the perfect time to pass along a little kindness to all of God's creatures.

Pets don't generally enjoy too much excitement in their lives but they certainly do enjoy all the love they can receive so a little extra around the holidays is an absolutely positively wonderful idea. Wrap them up a parcel or two for under the tree as well.

If you don't have a pet then consider dropping off a bag of treats for them at your local SPCA or animal shelter. That little treat can bring a lot of joy to an animal's day.

12 Days Of Christmas

Giant Blowup Santa and Reindeer With Sleigh

No matter where I go throughout the Christmas season, I love to see the holiday spirit on people's houses and lawns.

Lights all aglow and those beautiful blowup lawn ornaments are super fantastic and not only show your Christmas spirit, but enlighten theirs as well.

Christmas Is Always Fun With Chipmunks

Christmas bells.
Christmas bells.

Music is a Great Way to Get the Holiday Spirit Flowing.

Music really can light up a room and a heart and around the holidays it really is an important way to add atmosphere to your home so put some on. Many Christmas carols are light hearted and fun. They truly can get the holiday spirit flowing in your home.

Be sure to play music in your home around the holidays and especially when company or the kids are around. Music is comfort food for the soul and these zippy silly songs are designed to put a smile on the grouchiest face.

Are you a decorating nut? Do you love to decorate up the house, the car, and the dog for the holidays?

Are you a decorating nut? Do you love to decorate up the house, the car, and the dog for the holidays?

See results

Be Careful With Grandma This Christmas!

A Few of These Holiday Songs can Definitely Add a Twist of Laughter.

Holiday music comes in many themes. There are slow relaxing carols to sing along to, deeply religious verse, and zippy humorous songs that bring a touch of laughter to the season. A mixture of these can be a pure delight for the holiday season so put some music on today.

I've only mentioned a few of the silly holiday songs available out there but there are many so seek them out. The definitely add a humorous twist to the traditional tunes.

What kind of tree do you get?

What kind of tree do you get?

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