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Silly Ways to Say I Love You to Your Husband for Father's Day

Updated on March 11, 2016

Does He Love You? (OR Not)

Why because we as women do silly things to make men prove their love.

From shopping for certain unmentionable items, to making him take us to certain movies.


true love quotes | Tumblr
true love quotes | Tumblr

What have you done to test his love?

we all have done it so don't be silly

One time when I was pregnant and mad at my boy-friend (soon to be husband), I made him drive twenty miles back to a different town from where we were staying to get me a subway sandwich.

That is love...

As women even if we do not know we are doing it, we test how much he loves us.

Most of the time he does theses things with out question. When he does question it we question his reasoning and his love.

We are silly but we are an emotional based human.

Love him and let him love you that is what is important.....

Love Test - Does He Love You?
Love Test - Does He Love You?

Does he or Doen't He

Will he laugh and understand ???????

1. Send him Flowers or Candy to his Work......

If he comes home and complains then maybe he is shallow.

If he comes home and says he Loves You then he Loves You........

2. Send him a singing Telegram to his Work......

Refer to the first

3. Buy him a Uniform /Jersey of YOUR favorite Team in Feminine Colors.

Then ask him to wear it on game day when all of YOUR friends are over>>>>>>>>>

If he does he Loves You

If he doesn't Ask Him Why in front of your friends...........

4. Give him a coupon for 1 free Back Rub or Hug............

Love song

Video I Love You

Song For A Lady

On the day of breasts and small hips
the window pocked with bad rain,
rain coming on like a minister,
we coupled, so sane and insane.
We lay like spoons while the sinister
rain dropped like flies on our lips
and our glad eyes and our small hips.

"The room is so cold with rain" you said
and you, feminine you, with your flower
said novenas to my ankles and elbows
You are a national product and power.
Oh my swan, my drudge, my dear wooly rose,
even a notary would notarize our bed
as you knead me and I rise like bread.

(1969) Anne Sexton

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