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Web Sites with Unique Gift Ideas

Updated on February 2, 2013

Okay folks, your special occasion is nearing fast and furiously. What on earth are you going to get for gifts? Well I have stumbled upon a few curious little websites that just might have the right unusually quirky gift that you are looking for. Some places I have never heard of before and found them to be quite chocked full of interesting products that would make perfect gifts for your loved ones.

This site has a great combination of homemade items as well as used items that people are wanting to sell. Items range from knitted doilies to custom made leather handbags. This is also a great way to support new and fresh artists and craft-makers.

This website is geared more toward females. Their items consist of clothing, shoes, accessories and home items. Here you might find a matching rolling pin set or delicate frilly tops and lingerie items.

Have someone in mind that loves the art of cooking and having unique fine gourmet items on hand? Well The Meadow is the place for you to look into. They have fine items such as salt sets and blocks, some of the world’s finest chocolates, wine and even flowers. However, flowers are only delivered in the Portland, Oregon areas. They can also cater to New York City from their NY shop.

This store pulls out all the stops with their unique designer items that they sell. It’s definitely a website you can get lost in. They’re vibrant colors and sophisticated patterns are great for modern lifestyles and eccentric party throwers. Gift ideas range from pool items, kitchen and decor items and lots of accessory items to ogle over.

This site has tons of unique gift giving treats. There are plenty of “out of the box” items to keep you searching through its site for hours. Gift ideas can range from getting a custom made imprint of your dog’s nose turned into a necklace to mugs that hold your cookie or bagel. They have gift categories of jewelry, home and garden, clothing for him or her and plenty of other cool things.

For the frequent flyer this website as well as its catalog is truly awesome. It has everything ranging from accessories to keep one comfy on a flight to all different flavors of luggage. But not only that, is a great place to shop for the non-flyer as well. They have the coolest and sometimes oddest gifts. They also offer travel packages for shows, tours and hotels. Amongst other categories are apparel, outdoor living and home products, plus many, many more.

This is a site for displaying different people’s interests and likes. Searching under the category labeled ‘Gifts’ can help you decide on what would make a perfect gift for someone. One can peruse this category and gather gift ideas that other people have posted as their own wants and likes. It’s also a neat site to graze through to see all the interests and likes that all types of people have.

Take your time and look through these websites. They offer unique gift items that are sure to please someone you know for Christmas as well as make great birthday gifts or gifts for any other occasions. Most of the items on these sites range from very low priced to expensive. And if your cost conscious, checking the site's ‘Sale’ category or sorting products by price can help you in finding unique gifts at an affordable price. Hurry before you run out of time!


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    • NiaG profile image

      NiaG 6 years ago from Louisville, KY

      I especially love Uncommon Goods and I thought I had heard of Anthropolgie before but when I went on the site it didn't look familiar. I liked a lot of their lingerie. Seemed better than Victoria's Secret which can be too pricey. Thanks Carlon!

    • Carlon Michelle profile image

      Carlon Michelle 6 years ago from USA

      You've got a couple of links I have yet seen. I gotta check them out. Smile!