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Skeleton Themed Halloween Party

Updated on September 13, 2014

Dance with Skeletons at Your Halloween Party

Planning a Halloween party? Consider letting the skeletons out of the closet and onto to the dance floor. A skeleton themed Halloween party will make for some scary fun.

From skeleton treats to hanging skeleton decoration you will find everything you need to plan a skeleton themed Halloween party.

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Skeleton Coffin Invitations - Get their adrenaline pumping

Spooky Invites

Think of the invitation to your Halloween party as a woman about to make her grand entrance on top an elegant staircase: She wants to wow, cause a stir, and hopefully get people talking about her. A good Halloween party invite can set your party apart from others Halloween parties in which your guest may get invited.

A good invititation can be made or bought. If you are creative and have an inspiring idea for your party invite you will definetly want to try your hand at making your own Halloween party invitation.

If you would rather purchase your party invites then consider Halloween Coffin Invitations In A Box. The box is coffin shaped and has a place for your to put the mailing address of your guest and your return address. The inside of the coffin is where you right the pertinet party details such as time and place.

Do you prefer a skeleton theme or vampire Halloween Party theme?

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Skeleton Party Food - Skull Cake

Wilton 3D Skull Mold

Turn your Halloween party food into edible party decorations. A Skull cake can take on a creepy look or a more playful Day of the Dead Sugar Skull. Make your food table a work of edible art by utilizing Skeleton molds to create creepy skeleton themed Halloween party food. You can use Jello molds to show of skeleton feet and hands or a cake mold to make a yummy party treat.

The Wilton Dimensions Nonstick 3D Skull Pan makes it easy to make your own decapitated Skull cake. A skull cake makes a great centerpiece for you party. View it from any angle to get the full 3D effect. Add candy worms to the eye sockets to give it a creepy vibe.

Inflatable Skeleton Coffin Cooler to Keep Drinks Frosty - Libations for your guests

Keep your skeleton Halloween Party theme going with the inflatable Skeleton Coffin Cooler. Store your drinks for your party to keep them cool. Cooler allows guests to serve themselves during the party so you can concentrate on making your party run smoothly and having fun.

Skeleton Hand Party Glasses

Need a hand serving your guests some punch this Halloween? Add some punch to your serving ware with the Skeleton hand glasses.

Skeleton Party Hand Glasses (1 dz)
Skeleton Party Hand Glasses (1 dz)
Skeleton hand glasses provide a creepy fun novelty. Glasses hold 2oz of drink, Get your skeleton party glasses by the dozen.

Skeleton Music - Dem Bones - Music for Halloween Party

The Skeletons are ready to dance as they listen to Dem Bones. This song will be a great addition to your Halloween party sound track. Stay tuned after the song to learn more about how skeletons are connected.

Hanging Around Skeleton Decorations - Skeleton Halloween Party

There are many different skeleton props that can be used to decorate the interior of your home from frightening motion activated skeletons to cute dressed up pumpkins.

Save the more scary Halloween Skeletons for an adult themed Halloween party where you do not have to worry about children getting scared. A simple undressed Skeleton hanging in your room sometimes packs a bigger punch than the more animated ones. Some times the simple decorations have the highest creep factor.

Skeleton Flamingo Yard Decorations - While your staking your yard banner ...

Plant a Skeleton Flamingo or two to add some pizzazz to your yard.

Pink Inc GM1 33-Inch Solar Powered Flamingo
Pink Inc GM1 33-Inch Solar Powered Flamingo
33 inch solar lighted skeleton flamingos are fun yard accessories. You do not need any batteries because birds are solar powered. At night the skeleton flamingo glows in the dark. 2 operating features allow straight glow or flashing glow, Pair it with a skeleton yard sign to give your guest a friendly entrance to you skeleton party.

Is a skeleton themed halloween party on your horizon? Have you thrown an amazing skull inspired party? Share your thoughts, comments & advice below.

Skeleton Party Suggestions & Comments - Thanks for Visiting?

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