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Snowman Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Updated on September 14, 2014

Yummy Snowman Cake and Cupcake Treats

With the winter holidays approaching it is time to start baking those yummy Snowman cake and cupcake treats.

Snowman cake and cupcake ideas range for the simple to the fantastic. Some ideas are easy to execute while others take more planning and ingenuity. It does not matter what skill level you are at you will find snowman cake and cupcake decorating ideas to add a little Frosty touch to your desert table.

Snowman Cupcake Image made available by seelensturm on Flickr via Creative Commons license.

Easy Breezy Snowman Cupcake Decorating Ideas

The easy snowman cupcake decorating ideas are suitable for everyone even young children. Children will enjoy turning their cupcakes into snowman cupcake friends.

The most complicated step is making the icing and spreading it on the cupcake. If you are decorating your cupcakes with a very young child you will want to pipe on the white icing before you start to make the snowman's happy face.

To decorate your cupcakes you can use a wide variety of small candies like m&ms or chocolate chips. You can use two brown candies for the eyes, an orange colored candy for the nose, and a series of chocolate chips lined up to form a smile. The picture of the cupcakes to the left utilizes red piped on icing and two green candies to form ear muffs for the snowman. You can add this detail or some other detail. You snowman cupcakes are only limited by your creativity.

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Make Fondant Snowman Decoration for Cupcake

This tutorial will help you create your own themed fondant snowman cupcakes. Provides overview of materials needed and step by step instructions on how to decorate a snowman cupcake.

Cupcake Likers and Picks

You can create a snowman cupcake simply by using a Snowman themed cupcake linerand cupcake topper. You do not have to play with icing to get a cute cupcake snowman. Just stick snowman picks in your simply iced cupcake and your ready to go.

You can even make your own snowman cupcake picks to get a unique design. How to make cupcake paper toppers is an article that teaches tools and tricks to create a beautiful cake picks.

Pull-A-Part Snowman Holiday Silicone Cupcake Mold Cake Baking Pan
Pull-A-Part Snowman Holiday Silicone Cupcake Mold Cake Baking Pan

The Pull-a-Part Snowman Cupcake Pan gives you the appearance of a Snowman cake with the versality of cupcakes.

Pull-a-Part Snowman baking pan sections off cupcakes so there is no need to cut this cake. Decorate individual pieces easily.

Watch your Snowman cake disappear one cupcake at a time.


Snowman Cake Decorating Tutorials

Below are some links to tutorial on how to decorate beautiful snowman cakes.

Make a 3 Dimensional Snowman Cake

Roshco Create -N- Celebrate 3D Stand Up Silicone Snowman Cake Pan
Roshco Create -N- Celebrate 3D Stand Up Silicone Snowman Cake Pan

Create a dynamic 3 Dimensional Stand up Snowman Cake using the 3D Snowman Cake pan. Pan is refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, dishwasher and metal utensil safe. The silicone pan is a permanent non-stick surface to help make cake removal easier. The Snowman 3D pan is FDA approved up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


Snowman Cake Pans & Mini Cake Pans

To create any work of art, in this case an edible snowman cake, you need to start with the right tools. A silicone or metal baking pan in the shape of a snowman is the first step in creating a snowman shaped cake.

Do you know of a good snowman cake tutorial or do you have some baking tips to share? Leave comment, suggestions and tips here.

Snowman Cake Suggestions - Thanks for Visiting!

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