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Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on March 18, 2015

Spiderman Birthday Supplies and Ideas

If your little boy is a fan of the webbed wonder, then you need to throw him a party that is full of action. Spiderman has been a popular character for years, which means there are plenty of Spiderman party supplies available for purchase. It also means that there are plenty of great ideas for making your own party supplies and activities for your own Spiderman party theme.

Featured here are Spiderman birthday cake ideas, personalized Spiderman invitations, fun Spidey party favor ideas to include in goody bags, fun Spiderman themed party games and much more. Go ahead and gather up all the ideas you like and purchase supplies you've been looking for so come the party you'll will be swinging high rather than feeling like you've got web in your face.

Spiderman Party Pack

spiderman party packs
spiderman party packs

Okay so here's the heads up if your looking for licensed Spiderman party supplies only. Birthday Express is your stop as they sell official party packs which include plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, tablecover, party favors, balloons - basically the works. So head on over there as they have pretty much all items needed and they offer free shipping. (click the party pack image and you'll be taken there)

Spiderman Personalized Invitation courtesy of DarlingDesignsbySara
Spiderman Personalized Invitation courtesy of DarlingDesignsbySara

Spiderman Party Invitations

The first enemy that you must defeat in the quest for a perfect Spiderman party is a great invitation. You can easily make your own invitations using bright red cardstock. Fold the cardstock in half and then draw a spider web pattern on the front in black. You can then print out or cut out white or blue letters to add to the front of the card to announce the party. On the inside of the card you can write all the party information.

If you want to purchase invitations or have personalized invitations designed you can find some great options at Etsy. DarlingDesignsbySara created the invitation featured here, but there are options to fit any style or theme that you are looking for.

Spiderman Wall decal
Spiderman Wall decal

Spiderman Party Decorations

With the decorations, red, black, blue and spider webs are going to be the staples of the decorating process. For some fun spider web decorations you can head to Redbook Mag. They offer a great tutorial for making spider webs in any color you want, be it black glitter or silver. These unique designs can be placed anywhere in your home once completed.

Another fun idea is to create comic book letters that spell out the birthday child's name. The Party Wall features a great tutorial for how to create this cool look. The best part is that they can be reused as decorations in your child's room after the party!

For other party decorations you can print out images of Spiderman and frame them with blue and red streamers and balloons. has a great (and big!) cardboard standee of Spiderman that would be perfect for decorating anywhere at your party. Once again it has the added benefit of being reused in your child's room after the party.

Spiderman Centerpiece

Spiderman Birthday Party Centerpiece
Spiderman Birthday Party Centerpiece

This awesome Spiderman table centerpiece features Spidey in action with some of his greatest enemies pursuing him. Villians include Doc Oct, Venom, Carnage, Green Goblin, Sandman.. This is definitely one for Spidey's biggest fans and would bring elements of the comic book and tv series striaght into the party.


Spiderman Party Food Ideas

Spiderman party food is all about being fun and cool. Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons created these awesome spider web pizzas using English muffins, sauce and string cheese. They are so cute and such a great way to incorporate something other than sweets onto the food table. She also has a great idea for spider deviled eggs if your child is a fan of deviled eggs. Mom on Timeout came up with idea to make red rice krispie treats and paint little blue and black spiders on them with gel frosting. It is amazing how easily you can transform your child’s favorite treats to fit the theme. Check out both of the aforementioned blogs for more great ideas or just find more ways to get creative with some of your child’s favorite foods.

Spiderman edible cake topper
Spiderman edible cake topper

Spiderman Birthday Cake Ideas

For the Spiderman cake there are several options that will really make an amazing cake, which is only fitting for one amazing superhero. If you want to make your own cake then you are in luck because CakesbyChoppA comes through with a great video tutorial on how to make a cake that looks like Spiderman's mask. It may sound complicated but with the step by step guide it is something that anyone can do!

Amanda's Cookin also offers a great tutorial on how to make your own Spiderman cake, and she includes a recipe for making your own marshmallow fondant. Her instructions for both are so easy to follow that you will become a master Spiderman cake maker in no time. If you want something that is a little easier and less time consuming then you can find some great cake toppers at

How to make a Spiderman Cake

Spiderman Cake Toppers

DecoPac Spiderman Sneak Attack Deco Set
DecoPac Spiderman Sneak Attack Deco Set

If your looking to decorate your cake with something which is easy to apply but has an amazing finish, then this Spiderman cake topper can do this well. It comes with 3 action figure villians (Vulture, lizard and green goblin), a Spiderman flying disc figure and a city background scene.


Spiderman Party Games and Activities

The next must have for any great Spiderman party are some great activities that will keep the kids laughing and having fun. The Party Wall offers several great Spiderman activity ideas including creating targets featuring some of Spiderman's worst enemies. The kids then aimed at the targets using what else but silly string! There are Spiderman gloves that you can purchase so the silly string will actually come out from the hand like it does for Spiderman, but the kids will have fun with just the cans as well. Another fun idea is to play Stick the Spider to the Web. For this game you just need a print out of a spider web and plenty of small spiders. You can use plastic spiders or cut spiders out of paper and attach double sided tape to make them adhere to the spider web. Blindfold the children and let them take turns trying to pin the spider to the web.

Spiderman Party Favors

Prefilled Spideman Party Favor Boxes
Prefilled Spideman Party Favor Boxes

Spiderman party favors are going to be the finishing touch to one great superhero party. Birthday Express features a great party favor kit that includes 48 pieces themed around and emblazoned with Spiderman himself. Another idea would be to send the kids home with their own can of silly string, but this might be something you want approved with the parents first (silly string can stain floors, walls and cement...lessons learned). Yummy Piece of Cake has another great idea for some fun and delicious favors. Make up some chocolate covered or caramel covered apples and then coat them with blue or red sprinkles. Wrap them with cellophane and then finish with ribbon tied with a picture of Spiderman himself. These treats are simple and a great way to give a yummy treat without sending the kids home with tons of candy.

Spiderman Party Note

There is no reason why you cannot have a great Spiderman party if you have a little bit of time or a little bit of creativity, it can go a long way. Most of the blogs and links featured here have tons of other ideas that you can take advantage of so that you are not limited at all in your party planning.

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