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Spooky Halloween Music Collection

Updated on March 28, 2015

Scary music for Halloween party

I personally prefer spooky music for Halloween whether it's to listen on my own or for a scary party. Music is an essential part of a party that plays an important role in setting the mood. You will play different kinds of music for a playful and fun Halloween party for kids, a jolly party for teenagers and young adults, or a plain old spooky party.

Imagine the scene: You have your house all decorated with spooky Halloween decorations, eerie dim lighting, and perhaps some cobwebs. You have also prepared some spookylicious treats such as monster fingers, squashed frogs, and creepy eyeballs. You are dressed as Count Dracula or a vampiress and have asked your invited guests to wear their favorite monster costumes.

You hear a knock on the door, and you open it slowly as it lets out a harsh squeak. In walks the werewolf and the mummy. "Welcome to our humble abode!" you greeted them. What kind of music is most appropriate for this Halloween party?

Following are some of my favorite spooky Halloween music and scary sound effects.

Nox Arcana

Nox Arcana is my favorite Gothic music band whose albums are based on horror and nightmarish themes such as Count Dracula (Transylvania), The Raven, and Grimm Tales. Each album takes you on a journey through the dark and mysterious world where wolves, ravens, and vampires lurk in shadows, while ghosts and lost souls roam mist-shrouded cemeteries.

Join them as they lead you through the haunted halls of an old mansion with eerie piano and pipe organ melodies. Walk by an abandoned church in the woods where the winds form ghostly choirs singing to the haunting tune of tolling bells.

Their dark, eerie, yet hauntingly beautiful music is my top choice for the above-described Halloween party. But I enjoy their music not only during Halloween season. I currently own 4 of their albums, and I listen to them often especially while I'm driving.

Below are two of my favorite albums.


Join Nox Arcana on an eerie musical journey into the darkest heart of Romania, the land of shadows where no one dares to venture out after dark. "Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make." Spooky melodies, gothic choirs, and chilling sound effects accompany you as you venture further into Dracula's lair.


"Darkness descends upon the land to wrap the world in night's black embrace. The restless dead stir within their ancient tombs, and creatures born of shadow rise to quench their savage hungers. Whispers echo from the crypt, beckoning with the promise of dark desire, and those who heed their call are forever lost in the night." (Transylvania Overture narration).


The Dark Tower

In their newest album Nox Arcana invites you into the Dark Tower where creatures of the night dwell. Along the way you will meet a banshee, a ghost at the gate, and the Nightwatcher as you listen to the ominous cries of wolves, ravens and restless spirits in the distance. Are you brave enough to accept the invitation?

Nox Arcana video - Fantastic Gothic music and video

More scary music by Nox Arcana

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Midnight Syndicate

Midnight Syndicate creates music that's very similar to Nox Arcana's. It's probably no big surprise as one of Nox Arcana's members, Joseph Vargo, used to be a member of Midnight Syndicate. Besides being played at Halloween parties, their spooky music, blended with eerie sound effects, is often used in various haunted attractions as well as role-playing games.

Just like with Nox Arcana's, I listen to their gothic horror music throughout the year. Following are 2 of their CDs that I own.

The 13th Hour

Take a tour of a haunted Victorian mansion with a dark history. Let Midnight Syndicate be your guide as they lead you through the creepy halls of the Haverghast family mansion and discover their sinister secrets. Let's hope you will complete this hair-raising tour and be back safely in the misty forest before the clock strikes 13.

Halloween Music Collection

This is Midnight Syndicate's "best of" collection of their haunting orchestration and scary sound effects. A few of the tracks are from The 13th Hour, but you will also walk through the Raven's Hollow as Darkness Descends, visit a Haunted Nursery, run into some Undead Hunters, and enter the Alchemist's Chamber before you finally meet the Vampyre. Those are by no means all you're getting in this bone chilling album filled with spooky music and scary sounds for Halloween. There are a total of 22 tracks that will make you shiver in the dark and foggy Halloween night. Are you ready?

Midnight Syndicate videos

More spooky music by Midnight Syndicate

Halloween II Soundtrack

This is the soundtrack to an old movie, Halloween II - the very first scary Halloween music album that I bought. Although I'm not too crazy about the movie (I don't like gory or hack-and-slash type of movies), the music is quite scary and certainly evokes the Halloween atmosphere.

More Halloween music

Just like anything else Halloween, the music doesn't all have to be spooky. There's also not-so-scary Halloween music suitable for kids. There's plenty to choose from.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this page. Please leave your comments below.

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    • FallenAngel 483 profile image

      FallenAngel 483 5 years ago

      There is nothing I like more than my music and when Halloween comes round everyone else listenes to what I listen to all year round. Great lens and I wish you a very happy Halloween.

    • profile image

      halloweenprops 5 years ago

      Great music to get the party started!