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St. Patrick's Day Gifts for All Ages

Updated on August 26, 2018

Things I like about this day and hope you will also.

When it comes to St. Patrick's day growing up it was always dress in green. It did not mean much beyond that. You put on the color and went to school. You came home loose the green and don't worry about it until next year. It wasn't until many many years later that I actually started to wonder who St. Patrick was and what he had done. Also wondering what about Ireland would interest me.

As you read through my lens you will start out with who St. Patrick was. Followed by one of the more interesting things I have found about their culture that I like. And that is their music. I have also tried to lace in some fun so please read on and enjoy some history and some entertainment. With any luck the two will blend together to make this well worth your while.

Main Image

Review of the Sumo of the Opera - A Lesson in Perseverance

It is on this video that the story of St. Patrick is shared.

VeggieTales - Sumo Of The Opera
VeggieTales - Sumo Of The Opera

As with all Veggie Tale's videos there is a meaning behind their stories. In this case it is perseverance. "Basically to keep on keeping on." - Bob the Tomato

The first story is set similar to the three Stooges hauling a piano up a large stair case. And yes more than once due to some sliding issues. Also similar to the older movies this was set more like those films with words on the screen.

The second segment goes down the path with Silly Songs with Larry. In this case it is School House Polka. Here he is singing about homophones. Words that sound the same but have different meanings.

The third segment is about St. Patrick. And instead of hearing from me this segment is available below for you to view and enjoy.

The forth segment is about what the title of this video. Sumo of the Opera. For those of you that have seen Rocky this will ring a bell. Larry plays the main character that has to have perseverance to keep training and getting ready for the big match. But there are other meanings for this word within this portion. For you see he had also borrowed a bicycle and needed to get it repaired and returned. For this he also need the perseverance to accomplish this task. And as you can tell perseverance is needed in both small and large tasks.

As they say Saturday morning entertainment Sunday morning values. This is the way with all the Veggie Tales we own or have seen. Currently own 25 of these on both VHS and DVD. Not to mention a few CD's of music.


The story of St Patrick - Also included on Sumo of the Opera

Send a card - Or an Ecard in this case

St. Patrick's Day Ecards
St. Patrick's Day Ecards

And for those of you who know me I will always be the designated driver. But these just might be showing up in the sisters email sometime soon. Ba ha ha.

A bit of Irish music

The next two that I will share with you are about some Irish singers that I have had the pleasure to know. I will share some experiences with you and some of their live stuff as well. I hope that even if you choose not to add any of their music to your collection that you will walk a way with a smile on your face and a tune in your head to help get your through your day.

The first is actually a duet. They are The Dady Brothers

It was always interesting. The place my girl friend - faience - wife would go on Sunday evenings had free peanuts, water and live Irish music. Several of the artist we knew. Mostly because of the amount of times we were there. There was one that stuck out more than others. For the simple reason anytime you saw the artist listed as TBD, you knew it was them.

Many times I would help them bring in equipment and help them set up. And at the end of the evening clean up and pack up their equipment. In fact when we were first married on the second day, a Sunday we drove three hours just to be there. And one guess who was playing that night. That's right it was TBD.

When it comes to the Daddy Brothers here is my favorite of their released materials.

Soul Lilt
Soul Lilt

I added this one as it is my favorite of all their albums. Feel free to check back as I will keep try and keep this updated for you. In the good news the now have the MP3 version available.


Seamus Kennedy - These were not listed in any order.

Seamus was always fun to listen to and participate with. His music has helped inspire more than one of my lenses.

There are several stories that I could share on this guy and his music. The most interesting one is this. We had stopped in shortly after our second child was born. I went up to the stage to say hello carrying our son. Who is now 14. Seamus asked to hold him. Being the nice guy I am I let him hold him. I then promptly turned and headed over to talk to friends. Seamus seamed very surprised and was doing the Hay I have to preform. My response was you asked to hold him you did not say for how long. With big smile on my face and laughter from the audience. I went back and got our son.

A Scottish Soldier

Rambling Rover

Seamus Kennedy on Amazon

There are several of his albums that I own. Granted they are on cassette but they are still in my collection.

After checking out the two artists which would you pay money to see? - Or if you are getting the albums pay money to hear?

Which artist (s) would you like to see in person?

So who would you choose to see?

See results

The Bodhran a few views of this instroment.

The Bodhran on Amazon

After sharing the music above one of my more favorite instruments that they play is called The Bodhran. For the lack of better words it is like a drum that you hold in your hand.

I have tried more than once to play these. And more than once it just did not sound as good as Sheamus when he plays.

And now a word from our sponsors

Thinking back there was a time when these were only available around St. Patrick's Day. But once again I am showing my age. Now a days they seam to be available when ever you pull up to the drive through or walk in the door. To me it was something to look forward to. Just like St. Patrick's Day it was a special time that came but once a year.

Uncle O'Grimacey

I know that the video may not be the best but here is a picture of the cup with the uncle on it.

After my rambling on - Its your turn to voice your opinion

Should the Shamrock Shakes be available only around St. Patrick's Day?

See results

Its interesting how when you least expect it - Something new comes your way

In this case I was working on a little something for Christmas when what to my wondering eyes should appear... A video of Irish dancers. So back I came to add a little something special to this lens.

I will not be green with envey if you leave a comment

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Indeed, there are gifts for all ages.

      Happy Saint Patrick's Day !!


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