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Star Trek Uniforms and Costumes

Updated on October 7, 2015

Great Star Trek Costume Uniforms

One of my favorite TV shows was Star Trek the Next Generation. Although the uniforms were pretty simple, there are some nuances that make them unique. Your uniform color was determined by your rank. Red was the highest rank and worn by Captain Picard, Jordie Laforge, and Will Richer. Blue was the medical team. Gold was Data and Warf.

There are also many other costumes and uniforms besides those from the Enterprise. Klingon costumes are popular and have a following. Some of the movie villains are popular as well like Nero and Kahn.

What is your favorite Star Trek series?

What is your favorite Star Trek series?

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The Big Bang Theory Dressing Up as Star Trek Officers

You got to love it when the characters of your favorite TV show starts dressing as iconic Star Wars officers. Of course the details of these costumes are over the top, but good none the less of getting ideas for your uniform.

Uniforms and Costumes

The Star Trek uniform is mainly a jumpsuit with a little color around the shoulders. Typical colors are red, blue, and gold.

Star Trek Communicators

No uniform is complete without a Star Trek communicator, whether you want an original series communicator that looks like a flip phone or a uniform communicator from series like the Next Generation, it is a must for every costume.

Star Trek Phasers

Another must have is the Star Trek Phaser. The original series looked more like a pistol where the Next Generation model looks like a TV remote control. Don't forget to set them to stun.

Klingon Costumes and Accessories

Klingons were introduced in the Next Generation and have a great costume mostly in black with some awesome weapons like the batleth and disruptor.

Who is your favorite Star Trek character?

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