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Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Girls

Updated on October 16, 2014

Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers for girls

Early Christmas morning the kids run for their Christmas stockings. So many little treats (including food) and they can't wait to get their hands on them.

No mantle to hang the stocking on? No problem. Put the stocking under the tree or on the doorknob of your child's bedrrom. It doesn't matter where it is, they'll find it for sure.

Year after year coming up with ideas is a drain on the brain but I have been talking to the little ones in our family and the girls in our church and have discovered that most girls have one thing in common: They don't care what is in that stocking as long as they have one and it is stuffed full! So what a special surprise if they get some items that they will love.

Hope this lens gives you some ideas along that line as well as saving you some money.


Silly bands

Goofy name but the girls love them. Take a look the next time you are at the mall. Just about every girl you see has on several SILLY BANDS.

Sillly bands are made out of a rubbery plastic and they come in several shapes and color combinations.

They wear them in multiples, they wear them on both wrists and I have even seen them on their ankles. Oh, and the boys love them too.... as long as they are not pink or purple.

The best thing is that they are very, very inexpensive so you can get several packs.


Feathers for their hair

Feathers are the latest craze. Whether you are attaching them to your hair or hanging them from your ears. All girls want and NEED feathers.

There is not age limit to the feather hair extensions. I've seen them in little girls from age 8 to the bigger girls in their 20's 30's and more. They are very fashionable and the little girls love to mimic their older siblings and role models.

You place the hair feather extensions towards the back or side of the head and usually under hair so they are inconspicuous. You only notice them if the hair moves or the light hits just right. Very cool!

Feather Extensions

All the rage for any age girl.

10 Synthetic Grizzly Feather Hair Extensions
10 Synthetic Grizzly Feather Hair Extensions

change your extension to match your outfit


Leg or Arm Warmers

I can remember when my daughter was young, many moons ago, leg warmers were all the rage. Well, now they are back along with arm warmers. I even knit her some but of course she wanted store bought.

I have to admit they do look cute on those little angels and in the winter months they can be nice and toasty.

As for the arm warmers....they are just darling and what little girl wouldn't love them.

I'll bet your little girl would be surprised to see these in her Christmas stocking.

Don't Forget the Sweets



A Best Seller


Have you ever taken your child out to eat or to the movies? This is the easiest way to explain Squinkies because they are a soft, tiny, squishy, little toy inside a bubble. So back to my questions....I don't know how many times I have taken my grandchilren out to lunch or to the movies and what do they enjoy the best? In the lobby there are always a bunch of "gum ball" like machines with tiny little toys all for the very low price of 4 quarters or 2 quarters. Of course, they never get the one they want so we are back to the cashier asking to break some more dollar bills into quarters.

Well, Squishies are something like that. Each toy comes inside its own bubble and each bubble fits inside of the hand of your little one. They come in all shapes from ponies to frogs and cats to dogs. There are also baby shapes. They are sold in packs of 3 and up and currently there are 6 different series with more to come.

There are bracelets, rings and pencil toppers. The Squinkies are the hottest item on the market today and will sell out fast. So when you find them, buy them. You can't hesitate on this one. Happy shopping.


Club Penguin

Have you heard about Disney's Club Penguin? Club Penguin is a web site that allows kids to go on-line to play games and have fun in a virtual world.

You can play Club Penguin without being a member and these gift cards open new games. When you first go on line you build your penguin and name him; then you can move around and visit with other penguins. You can become a member, which offers you more games and more things to do with your penguin, but you do not have to be a member to play on Club Penguin. Check out Walmart for those gift cards.

Stuff your little ones Christmas stocking with Club Penguin gift cards. The gift card has a code number and you punch in the number which allows you to play games. You can check out the Club Penguin web site

I'd love to hear about your favorite Christmas memory.

Share Your Favorite Christmas Memory

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