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Streamlight Stylus Pro Pen Flashlight

Updated on August 17, 2014

I don't know about you, but whenever I look for my large rechargeable torch, I can never remember where I left it last. It gets used and borrowed and never put back in its place.

I've come up with a solution - and so have thousands of other Amazon shoppers of this product - and that is to get a Streamlight Stylus Pro Pen Flashlight which can be kept in a pocket or handbag.

The convenience of having a dual purpose item is always attractive and very sensible in this case as both the pen and the flashlight are each useful in their own right.

Powerful Performance

The Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight is extremely light, weighing just over one and a half ounces. It easily fits into your pocket, purse, pocketbook or rucksack and even comes with a belt holster!

The device has two "AAA" batteries installed - unusual these days - and a fully charged battery will run for about 7.5 hours. It produces a decent amount of light to make it one very handy object to have around. The 1/2-watt LED bulb should last for approximately 30,000 hours.

Advantages of LED Light

This is where you save money due to the efficiency and longevity of LED lights. Instead of changing bulbs or having to replace a broken lens glasses, there's none of that as there isn't a glass or filament, you have a worry free and parts free little light. Also, the batteries will last much longer with an LED compared to a regular bulb.

Easy Operation

The Pentorch has been designed to ensure that small particles of dust and debris can't enter the tight-fitting rubber push-button cap. This cap can be used with one hand easily and is sturdy enough not be pushed on accidentally whilst in your pocket.

A few major benefits of the Streamlight Stylus Pro are corrosion resistant, water resistant, and an unbreakable, scratch-resistant lens.

What you get in the box

  • 1 x Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight,
  • 2 x "AAA" batteries,
  • 1 x belt holster.

What a great gadget to have around for power outages or having to working in the dark. I love taking photos, so this is such a useful item to have in my camera bag for night photography, when it's almost impossible to see your settings on the camera as you try to adjust them.

Judging by the number of positive Amazon reviews, and the fact that it's the number one selling thing on their entire site (as of 31st Dec 2013), you won't go wrong with this terrific little product. Great present!


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