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Suitjamas - For The Man Who Has Everything

Updated on September 13, 2014
The Official How I Met Your Mother Premium Grey Silk Suitjamas at
The Official How I Met Your Mother Premium Grey Silk Suitjamas at | Source

Suit Up For Bedtime Like Barney Stinson - Wear Suitjamas!

If you are a fan of "How I Met Your Mother", you will know Barney Stinson loves women, and suits. So much so he even wears suitjamas to sleep in, as seen in Season 4 Episode 17, "The Front Porch". Luckily you too can suit up for bed and get a pair of these suitjamas!

These make a fun gift for the man in your life, or even if you are that man and just want to look awesome even as you sleep! So if you are sick of your boyfriend or husband wearing an old grey t shirt to bed, or if you are a guy wanting to impress the ladies, scroll down to learn more about these suitjamas!

Gentlemen, SUIT UP!

Wearing a suit is HOT! So as Barney would say, "Suit up!"

A smart suit can do wonders for a man, it makes you walk taller and can turn a beta male into an alpha. So why not take this one step further and wear a suit to bed!

Suitjamas Are Obviously Awesome - So Where Can You Buy Them?

These suitjamas opposite can be ordered from and come in four pieces - the pants, the jacket, the tie and shirt, all made from cotton and silk.

There are the official How I Met Your Mother suitjamas by The Legendary Suitjama Store, and include a special hidden pocket (Emergency Contraceptive Pocket) inside! They seem to be cut small in size, so you may need a larger size than usual. One review suggests that you look at the Suitjama size chart rather than the Amazon one and you will find the right size..

Note - the black and gold pinstriped pajamas are a limited edition, so may sell out quickly.

Legendary Suitjamas- Stay Classy, Stay Legendary

Another Version Of The Suitjama

These suitjamas come from, based in Australia but will ship all over the world. You can also buy them at

These suitjamas come in four colors: navy blue, Armani grey, black and purple. They are made from a silk/satin type material and have a clip on tie so there's no risk of choking yourself in the night! The sizes are based on Australian sizes, which may differ for other countries, so you must check before buying. The suitjamas come in four pieces (jacket, pants, tie and shirt) and are guaranteed to make you look business sharp in the bedroom!

The Wisdom Of Barney Stinson

“Suits are full of joy. They're the sartorial equivalent of a baby's smile.”

8 Places Your Suitjamas Would Not Look Out Of Place

  1. On a long haul flight, everyone is sleeping in their day clothes but you are still dapper in your suitjamas.

  2. In the bar whilst you enjoy a whiskey, even in nightwear you will still be the best dressed man there.

  3. If your building is on fire, you will be still be looking stylish when everyone is evacuated at 3am in their nightclothes.

  4. When a hot girl knocks on your door late at night - you need to look your most awesome!

  5. A bungee jump in Acapulco (see the YouTube video above...)

  6. Walmart - loads of people wear pajamas to Walmart, you'll be the best dressed there in suitjamas.

  7. Staying over at your girlfriend's parents house, imagine how impressed they'll be when they see you suitjama-ed up for breakfast!

  8. Working from home - well you can't conduct business in a pair of old sweatpants can you?

Want To Wear A Suit With Panache?

Learn how to dress to impress like Barney at the Legendary Suitjama Company Blog

If Barney Stinson Is Your Style Icon - Then You May Like....

Here's the horrible ducky tie he has to wear for a year. Looks fantastic with the suitjama! Great Christmas gifts for any man (apart from maybe your Grandpa)!

Would You Suit Up For Bedtime?

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    • LluviaDeArte profile image

      LluviaDeArte 4 years ago

      Super funny, love them. Thank you for writing this.

    • leesholden profile image

      Lee 5 years ago from Derbyshire, UK

      Haha they're... wait for it... LEGENDARY!!!

    • ssuthep profile image

      ssuthep 5 years ago

      Great Idea. Love the SuitJamas.

    • pearls2cents lm profile image

      pearls2cents lm 5 years ago

      These are cool! I didn't know you could buy them, I thought it was part of the show. I love Barney and the suitjamas! Thank!

    • Expat Mamasita profile image

      Expat Mamasita 5 years ago from Slovakia

      I can think of a few people who would appreciate these suitjamas for Christmas!