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Sully Erna's The Paths We Choose

Updated on June 3, 2015
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I'm not one to really read Biographies and such, but this was great. I know it says 'memoir' but to me that's just another term for an Autobiography. It has all the details a biography does, some pictures as well so what is the difference between the 2? I don't see one, other than the words. Some of the autobiographies I've read, I've liked for one reason or other some stand out and others I may not remember a thing from.

I can still count on one hand how many Autobiographies or 'Memoirs' I've read.

NHL player Jaromir Jagr (formerly of Pittsburgh Penguins)

Retired NY Jets player Wayne Chrebet

Martin Brodeur (NHL NJ Devils Goalie)

Nikki Sixx's (of Motley Crue) Heroine Diaries, which I loved the layout and the art.

& Sully's Paths we choose I love the way its written, and although its serious it knows when to include some wit.

(The next one I plan on will be Steven Tyler of Aerosmith)

Image provided by xgodxsmackx on photobucket

Hells Angels at a Godsmack concert

is like putting gasoline on a fire

Take this path

The Paths We Choose
The Paths We Choose

I really enjoyed reading this, my favorite so far.

You don't have to be a fan of the band or even his to enjoy it. It may even change your Life!

The number one reason I liked it, was while reading the book it was as if Sully was sitting in the same room and having a conversation with you, telling you about himself.

There's some funny stuff in here too. There's one part I have this cartoon image of him in my head having a chase with his mom as if I were watching Tom & Jerry or Looney Toons cartoon! He talks about his childhood, teens from his band Stripmind, right up to Godsmack.


A Few Minutes with Sully

Strip Mind What's in Your mouth (Sully's former band)

The Other bios I've read

I read the Jagr & Wayne Chrebet ones so long ago, I don't even remember. I have yet to read Steven Tyler's but I do have it on hand and Martin Brodeur's was good, as for Nikki Sixx.. I LOVED the art of the books. It reminded me of what's the new term they use for 'Comic' books now.

Other memoirs I've read and 2 more I will read Widgets

This lens was nominated for Best Autobiography Lens

This lens was nominated for Best Autobiography Lens
This lens was nominated for Best Autobiography Lens

What's your path?

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