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Super Hero Costumes Gone Wrong

Updated on January 8, 2015

Not all fancy dress costumes look good on those who wear them. What do you think of these examples?

Super Hero Costumes have become very popular fancy dress themes, especially when October comes around and people start to think about what to wear for Halloween.

Dressing up as your favorite Super Hero can be fun if you are going to a Halloween fancy dress party, but there are some people who shouldn't be seen in costumes like the ones you are about to see. I feel sorry for their pets as well, if they have dressed them up.

Just be sure that if you or your kids are going to dress in Super Hero Costumes for Halloween or for a Fancy Dress Party that you don't end up looking like some of these below.

I think that in some way everybody wants to be an invincible being with super powers who is capable of saving the universe, and this appeals to even the least macho of males. The power and muscular physique of a super hero also appeals to some ladies as well.

Not all people are built to be Super Heroes though. Even Clark Kent in his civilian clothes has nothing on the people you will see in this lens. Superman would have a heart attack if he were to see some of the attempts people made to look like him.

So be prepared for some of the most unlikely Super Heroes to appear on your screen.... enjoy... And next time you think it's time to don a Halloween Costume - think before you make a fool of yourself... Are you ready to turn into Superman, Spiderman, Batman or Wonderwoman...

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Photo of Super Santa courtesy of Istolethetv on Flickr

Many of the images that have been used on this page have been circulating via emails and on the internet for years. I am not aware of any copyright on them, but if you do own the rights to any image that has been used, please let me know and I will either credit the image to your requirements or remove it if preferred.


Take a look at the numbered pictures below, and when you have stopped laughing long enough to figure out which one you think is the funniest, please vote for it.

(1) Super Dog

(1) Super Dog
(1) Super Dog

(2) Ronald McDonald

(2)  Ronald McDonald
(2) Ronald McDonald

(3) Super Blonde

(3)  Super Blonde
(3) Super Blonde

(4) Super Baby

(4)  Super Baby
(4) Super Baby

(5) Super Elvis

(5)  Super Elvis
(5) Super Elvis

(6) Henry The Octopus

(6)  Henry The Octopus
(6) Henry The Octopus

(7) Aspiring Super Heroes

(7)  Aspiring Super Heroes
(7) Aspiring Super Heroes

(8) Super Fat

(8)  Super Fat
(8) Super Fat

(9) Super Grandad

(9)  Super Grandad
(9) Super Grandad

(10) Wonder Woman 2008

(10) Wonder Woman 2008
(10) Wonder Woman 2008

Vote For Your Favorite Super Hero - I hope you enjoyed the pictures. If so, please cast your vote below for the funniest Super Hero Gone Wrong.

Which Was Your Favorite Super Hero?

See results

Batman and Robin are two of the best loved Super Heroes.

This is a scene from one of the special Christmas episodes of the long-running British sitcom "Only Fools and Horses" in which Derek "Del Boy" Trotter and his brother Rodney enter a fancy dress contest as a popular crime-fighting duo, but run into some trouble along the way...

The scene shows them breaking down in their 3-wheeled Reliant Robin car in the early hours of the morning. Initially they don't want to get out of the car for fear of being seen, however they finally decide to make their way to a friends house nearby. Switch to a city official leaving work....

Well I will leave it up to you to watch this incredibly funny clip of a great British tv show to find out what happens next...

Some of the accents and slang may be a bit difficult to understand, just so you know.

Super Hero To The Rescue

DC Comics on eBay - DC Comics started the whole Super Hero craze.

While some DC Comics are still easy to find and relatively cheap, some of the older issues are very hard to find and are now very collectible. Maybe there is a DC Comic that has been listed on eBay just waiting for you to buy it now...


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