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Writing Thank You Messages

Updated on October 18, 2019
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Mary is a designer on Zazzle, where her products have been sold to people all over the world due to their global appeal.

Thank You Messages

When was the last time you wrote a thank you card? If it's been some time, you may be at a loss for what to say. There are many generic thank you cards with an equally generic message. Although these may do in a pinch, they really aren't ideal. If the person has gone out of their way to give you a gift or helped you in some way, something personal is a better choice. I'll give you some ideas that you can customize as you like to fit your requirements.

I'm a designer on Zazzle, an online print on demand company based in California, and thank you cards are a popular seller. Although I put a sample message inside the card, the majority are personalized by the customer on the site to get a card that's unique to them.

Thank you messages for a gift
Thank you messages for a gift | Source

How to Create Your Own Message

Using the idea generator below, you can create a thank you message to meet your requirements. This is of course just the start as you can embellish it with your own touch and flair.

Select, a word or phrase from each section. This will give you the core of your message. You'll start with an introduction, mention the gift or action, express your feelings and then close.

Let's say someone gave you money in a birthday card. Your thank you could be.

  • Dear Grandma, Thank you for the birthday money and good wishes. I appreciate you thinking of me and will put the money aside for my trip to New York next summer. Speak to you soon. Love, (add your name)

If someone has offered advice, whether you decided to act on it or not, a thank you will be welcomed.

  • Hi Bob, just a quick note of thanks for your suggestions on the project I showed you. I've decided to take your advice add go for it. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule. Thanks again for being there for me, (add your name)

If you've been given a gift, mention it in your card.

  • Dear Emily, We were surprised by your wedding gift of an espresso machine, we adore it and use it daily. You always seem to know just what we'll love. Thanks for being such a special friend.

Thank You Card Message Generator

The Gift
How You Feel
Thank you
The blender/toaster/coffee maker
glad to have a friend like you
I really appreciate it
the money
I will use it for (insert)
I just want to say thanks
the advice
It's good to hear another option
I was pleasantly surprised
your help
I couldn't have done it without you
I'm so lucky
your time
Let me know how I can return the favor
I was so surprised
I love it
We were thrilled
Baby Shower
Let's get together soon.

How to Write a Thank You Note When You Hate the Gift

I'm sure I'm not alone in receiving gifts I wouldn't use or didn't like. Nonetheless, it's still a good idea to send a word of thanks.

Let me give you a personal example. My grandmother loved crocheting and made me a pink crocheted vest with flowers on it. Now, it would be considered boho chic, but for an awkward teenager who was trying to blend in, there was no way I would wear it in public.

Still, a thank card had to be written, my mother was insistent.

The key is to concentrate on the gift's good points.

Dear Grandma, Thank you for the crocheted vest you sent for my birthday. I'm sure it took you a long time to make it and it fits perfectly. No one in school has anything like it! It's a pretty shade of pink, and I have a blouse that goes great with it. I will wear it the next time I visit. Love Mary

This message not only made my mother and grandmother happy, but it also meant I didn't have to lie. Pick out the positive points and target your note around those.

'Regifting' is now a popular way to circulate the gift to someone who might appreciate it more.

Thank You for the Birthday Wishes

If you're on any social media channels and have listed your birthday on them, you'll know that you will be swamped by birthday wishes. I am surprised at how popular some people seem to be. This is of course, not the case. If you doubt this, take your birthday off and see how many genuine wishes you get.

Let me put my cynical side away and help you get some ways to give a general thank you to everyone who has wished you a happy birthday.

You could of course reply to each wish individually or just use a one time hit, usually the following day. You'll still get some people wishing you a belated birthday, but good etiquette says you should be thanking people promptly.

  • I was genuinely touched by the many birthday wishes and kind thoughts. Thank you to all of you.
  • Wow, I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of birthday wishes. My sincerest thanks.
  • You guys rock! Your birthday greetings were fantastic. Thanks so much for making my day.
  • Although I may not have seen some of you for a very long time (or ever), I know the birthday greetings I received were sent with thought and love. So too is this thank you.
  • You made my birthday special, thanks.

Thank You Note to a Teacher

It's fair to say that teachers have a huge impact on a child's life and a small token of gratitude is warmly received. This can be during the holiday season or at the end of the term. Even a card with a kind word will be a welcomed gesture.

  • This year, (insert child's name here) was both motivated and inspired by you. Thank you for making this a productive and fantastic year for (him/her).
  • Thank you for your kindness and understanding through this past year. Have a wonderful summer vacation.
  • Thank you for your caring and guidance.
  • Miss Jackson, (insert child's name here) has blossomed this year and looked forward to attending school every day. Thank you for everything you have done.
  • Although (child's name) was absent for most of the beginning of the term due to illness, (he/she) enjoyed the time spent in your classroom. Thanks for taking the time to make sure (he/she) didn't fall behind.

Thank you message to medical professionals
Thank you message to medical professionals

Thank You for Carers, Nurses, Doctors

If you wish to express gratitude for a service such as to a carer, nurse, doctor, here are a few ideas to consider.

Nurses are the unsung heroes and heroines of the medical profession. In fact, one of my most purchased cards is a thank you to a nurse. Nurses seem to make a stay in a hospital bearable. Whether the card is on behalf of yourself or a loved one, a thank you to a nurse or a team of nurses, is a great idea.

Again, a heartfelt genuine thank you is best.

  • Dear Michelle, I couldn't have asked for better care for my mother in her final days. You showed great kindness and humanity during her stay. As you know, she was afraid of staying there but your warm manner and jokes, made her feel at ease. Your actions not only help her but all of us and we knew she was at peace. You went above and beyond what anyone expected, and my sisters and I will be eternally grateful to you. You are a gifted and kind woman.
  • Doctor Anderson, thank you for your care and professionalism during my father's recent incident. Knowing he was in good hands helped both of us.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Mary Wickison


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