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Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Updated on April 5, 2016

Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

Including a Thanksgiving centerpiece as part of a Thanksgiving celebration is a big part of the experience for many people, and there are a lot of ways to do that effectively; by either making your own centerpiece, or buying a nice piece or items to put a great centerpiece together.

There are so many items that can be used to make a compelling Thanksgiving centerpiece, that it is impossible to even begin to get into the variety of things you could do.

But if you think of the seasonal things associated with the time of year, and also think of ways to put them in a display together, you'll create your own centerpiece that will bring delight to your family and guests. It's also a fun way to include everyone in doing something to contribute to the piece. Elements of fall will always work as at least part of a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

So I've included some photos of Thanksgiving centerpieces which will generate a bunch of ideas you can use to put together a centerpiece everyone will truly enjoy.

Candles and Nuts Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This is a nice and easy-to-put-together Thanksgiving centerpiece, which you could either buy and set up, or if you have different trees or other things around your yard, may be able to include in this great centerpiece.

How easy to get some things like nuts and candles and create a nice seasonal piece like this for your table. It offers a festive atmosphere to your dining table.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Floral Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Here's another example of a Thanksgiving centerpiece you can get some good ideas from, which wouldn't be hard to buy or get from your personal flowers if you have any growing in your home.

Of course you can use artificial flowers and do something like you see here, but the idea is to get ideas you can then incorporate into your Thanksgiving centerpiece from the materials you have on hand. This is a beautiful display.

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Centerpiece

With this Thanksgiving centerpiece we get another look at using something like a figurine or other item and then merging it with other things from nature to create a wonderful centerpiece appropriate for the season and special day.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Pilgrims

All Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece

What a nice Thanksgiving centerpiece you can make from things you can find in your own yard. And what is nice about this, is it looks as nice as anything we put up above, and if you want, you could add any other type of item to this display to make just about any type of Thanksgiving centerpiece you would want to, using things from nature.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece from Nature

Nice Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Here is another hybrid or combination Thanksgiving centerpiece where you put together some figures like the birds, include a basket,, and basically add whatever you like to the overall mix to create the fun centerpiece of your choosing.

Natural looking birds and items are natural elements to make up a Thanksgiving table piece.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Fun

As you can see from all of these enjoyable Thanksgiving centerpieces, you can take almost any item you want - whether natural or made, and bring them all together to make fantastic centerpieces which everyone could participate in making because of the numerous things you can choose from.

You can tell the children and family would have a lot of fun creating their own special Thanksgiving centerpiece which they'll remember making for years. Just have your camera ready for posterity.


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    • cowgirljess profile image

      cowgirljess 8 years ago from Nor Cal

      very nice ideas