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the mess after Christmas

Updated on December 25, 2010
to a new start for my friend
to a new start for my friend | Source
My new start with Donor Mike
My new start with Donor Mike | Source
My two boy's
My two boy's | Source
and son in laws family now Mike,Leah,Camden and Gage
and son in laws family now Mike,Leah,Camden and Gage | Source

Yes this is finely the day we all looked for when we were 6 or 7. After cooking for two days just to get to nights sleep Christmas eve, We had A wonderful Christmas eve party with all the trimmings and no family disputes what so ever.

If this is an indication of whats to come Christmas day that's great for I have no more steam left at all. Without further adue someone please slap me, I'm having a hard time waking up, my wife is pulling me on one side with Camden on the other side. Not quiet sure if it's me they want or just a well cooked breakfast .

After about ten minutes in the living room with my kids and their kids tearing,ripping and throwing gifts to and fro across the room A small pile of multi colored paper has started to accumulate out side the very large black trash bag that is already full of wast.Gage the youngest of the bunch is just happy to play with the boxes strune about the room.

Now I'm ready to start cooking waffles and Jimmy Dean sausage, no wait we want grits! Well a small change in plans, grits it is flavored with some of the great tasting sausage with a little eggnog, the boos will cook out I'm sure. All the expensive cook ware I have and I use a cheep flat grill that is so easy to cook on. Ok lets eat, I'm ready. Leah and Camden are on the computer, Mike is doing something else and Jane and Gage are fast asleep on my chair.This is so very typical around here everyone is in such a hurry with no place to go.

All in all this is a very special day for all of us in this house and for several friends who had so medical attention getter's in the last few days,another friend has announced her engagement to a fellow cop friend. Life is grand here in Christmas town, for even the less fortunate. Jane worked all last week with kare for Kids in the local area for lots of young people and even a grown up or to, victims of local fires,job loss and other tragic problems will now have a toy or two under the tree and every day problems will be at bay for at least the rest of the weekend.The snow seems to wash away all the bad memories of the past few months, saving traces of Minnesota on the back porch and in the waited down trees surrounding the house,the dog is chasing birds and acting stupid. I guess all in all,things are fine here, maybe just in my mind but what else matters I ask you.

One last plea for mental support for my friend Dep Chase Johns who is my far been blessed with another Christmas after fighting with the devil trying to collapse his life. We need more forward thing cops like Chase in all departments because after all we are just mortal with life's problems as every one else. Chase we bless you another day buddy and a safe return to your home 20.

Now to the many other friends about town here in Dawsonville, I hope we can just relax the next week and get ready to restart next year all over again but with a brighter outcome,

Merry Christmas and bless all my friends and those that don't know us here but need a change in life. Ask and you will receive, knock and it shale be opened unto you.


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