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The Most Stylish Great Gatsby's Costumes

Updated on August 8, 2014

How To Get This Fun and Sexy Look

I love the Roaring 20's time period and have always liked the flapper look. I have worn this style of costume a few times before. As a child I wore the costume with my boa and feathered headband. As a college student I wore a short sassy number that everyone complemented me on.

I was thrilled that they made a movie out of the book The Great Gatsby. The costumes that the female characters wore were stunningly beautiful.

This 1920s inspired Women's Swingin' In Sequins Costume comes with a flapper style dress. This sleeveless dress features a v neck top and a fringed bottom. Shiny black sequins cover the rest of this piece. This outfit is true to the styles that young women wore in the 20s and is fit to take to the stage for a performance of Chicago or The Great Gatsby.

Sexy Black Flapper Adult Costume

includes headpiece, dress, necklace

Sexy Black Flapper Adult Costume

Features a stretch knit strapless dress with unique drop waist, draping sequin trim and removable shoulder straps. Includes sequin neckband and matching sequin and feather headband.

The costume is a white stretch mini with a wide silver sequin drop waist band that has sequin tassels dangling from it. It also has sequin detail around the top and drapes of sequin across the front. It comes with removable shoulder straps if you choose to wear them and also includes a sequin headband with feather and a matching silver sequin neck choker.

Back in the 20's, it was very fashionable to smoke. This was before anyone knew it was bad for you. The cigarette holder looked sexy and kept the ashes at a safe distance. This one is black with a silver tip.

Also available in black

Jazz Baby Wig Blonde Adult

Includes a short blonde curly wig. One size fits most adults.

Jazz Baby Wig Blonde Adult

Available in One Size Fits Most Adults

Complete your sophisticated costume with this authentic looking Elastic Jeweled Bracelet.

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Cool costumes! I love the flapper style.