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The Top Ten Christmas Movies for Your Holiday Collection

Updated on October 20, 2013

Make Christmas Movies A Part of Your Holiday Tradition

When I was little we couldn't wait for the week before Christmas TV Guide to come out. That's when we found out what movies the stations where showing on Christmas Eve.

We always watched a movie together as a family with popcorn and hot chocolate. If the movie was on a little later, my parents would always let us stay up.

We thought that was pretty cool, but in retrospect I think they were just letting us go to bed a little later in the hopes we would sleep in past 5 am.

Back in the 60s, which my sons refer to as the olden days, we were at the mercy of the television schedule. There were no DVDs, no Blu-ray and no television on demand.

The family Christmas Eve movie continues in my house, although having a nice collection of films makes it more fun to choose what we'll watch.

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Building the Christmas Movie Collection

When the so called "olden days" were over and DVD players came on the market, we slowly starting building a collection of Christmas movies.

We've replaced many with blu-ray editions and given some copies away to other families.

We still have Christmas Eve movie night, but we also watch many of these films throughout the holiday season.

I've listed our top ten. It could have easily been the top twenty, or even the top fifty.

If you don't see your favorite please add it to the guestbook.

Best of all, these movies are all really inexpensive on Amazon, so it's easy to start building a great collection.

These picks are in no particular order.

Are you ready?

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Christmas With the Kranks

Tim Allen plays Luther Krank and Jamie Lee Curtis plays his wife Nora. When their daughter leaves for the winter, Luther decides to take the over $6,000 they "waste" on Christmas every year and take them on a Caribbean cruise.

Their decision to skip Christmas makes them pariahs in their holiday crazy neighborhood. However when the Krank's daughter announces she will return for Christmas, the community steps up to make sure they have the perfect Christmas Eve celebration.

There are some very funny moments in this movie, particularly when Tim Allen gets botox and a fake tan to prepare for their cruise.

White Christmas

This classical Christmas movie was made in 1954.

It's all star cast includes Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen and Rosemary Clooney. Two former war buddies have become successful entertainers when they team up with tow beautiful sisters.

The love stories are far from smooth, but everyone pitches in when they discover the men's former general is facing bankruptcy at his lodge. The problem is their is no snow.

Crosby and Kaye convince their fellow soldiers to come to the lodge, where they put on an extravagant Christmas musical.

In the final scene, it's snowing!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

First released in 1989, this movie has become a classic family favorite.

Chevy Chase stars as Clark Griswold, and Beverly D'Angelo as his wife Ellen. Clarks' a nice guy who just wants what's best for his family.

His plans for the perfect Christmas hit one snag after the other, and matters get worse when his colorful and somewhat crazy neighbors arrive for the holiday.

Clark gets through the worst of it, by dreaming of the pool he'll buy with his company bonus.

When that dream fall through, this relatives take matters into their own hands with hilarious results.

Miracle On 34th Street

When a little girl learns the “truth” about Santa Claus from her no-nonsense mother, her Christmas dreams are dashed.

Spending time with a department store Santa rekindles her belief.

Is Kris Kringle the real thing? The question goes to a court of law. You’ll love the surprise ending.

This movie really brings home the power of the spirit during the holiday season.

The Santa Clause

This is another great Christmas movie starring Tim Allen, Allen plays newly divorced Scott Calvin who kills Santa by accident on Christmas Eve.

The clause forces him to take over the role of Santa Claus. it's the last thing the want's to do, because he's trying to figure out his life after a nasty divorce and connect with his son.

It's pretty funny watching Allen morph in Santa Claus and the movie has a wonderful Christmas Eve ending.

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It's a Wonderful Life

This 1946 film remains one of the best loved movies in America.

It's James Stewart at his best, playing a kind a compassionate who falls on hard times through no fault of his own. He believes his best option for his wife and three children is to commit suicide.

An angel visits to show him what life will be like after he's gone.

Nominated for five Oscars, It's a Wonderful Life also stars Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore.


This 2003 movie is a fun Christmas romp starring Will Ferrell, James Caan and Bob Newhart.

Ferrell plays Buddy, an orphan who was adopted by Santa as a baby.

When Buddy's size, compared to the other elves, becomes a problem at the North Pole, Santa sends him to New York City to find his birth father.

Buddy's father, played by James Caan is definitely on Santa's naughty list. Can father and son find each other, and find the true meaning of Christmas>

Home Alone

When Kevin McCallister's large family arrives in Europe for a Christmas vacation, they discover they're missing one thing... Kevin.

Kevin's Mom immediately tries to get back to New York to get him, but of course there are holiday and weather delays.

Meanwhile Kevin, who is played by McCauley Caulkin is enjoying a taste of freedom away from his mean siblings.

When Kevin discovers thieves are planning to rob his home on Christmas Eve he sets up a series of booby traps.

This is a great movie for the whole family.

Bad Santa

This 2003 movie stars Billy Bob Thornton and Bernie Mac.

A pair of crooks pose as Santa and his helper in a plan to rob department stores on Christmas.

The unexpected friendship of a child helps them find the true meaning of Christmas. This movie is a little darker than some, but has some very funny moments.

Jingle All the Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad star in this 1996 comedy. Both men are on the hunt for Turbo-Man.

It's the hottest Christmas gift of the year and almost impossible to find.

The film was panned because it dealt with the commercial side of Christmas, but it struck a note with viewers and did well at the box office.

Apparently a lot of people could relate to the pressure of trying to get the perfect gift for a child.

Like any great Christmas movie it offers lessons learned and a happy ending.

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