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Celebrate with a Red Carpet Party Theme

Updated on September 4, 2014

Having a Red Carpet Themed Party?

Red carpet events are normally associated with the film and fashion industries but you can add glitz and glamor to your next party or event by giving it a red carpet theme.

Change a wedding, birthday party, farewell, school ball, work function, or fundraiser into a special occasion by using a celebrity red carpet, with all the glitz and glamor associated with it. Your red carpet event will give your guests the perfect excuse to dress up and feel like Hollywood stars even if it is just for one night.

It is important to plan ahead to make your night a success. The higher the profile of you red carpet event, the earlier you will have to start your planning and preparations.

I hope that some of the ideas and products here will help make your red carpet event a success.

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Planning a Red Carpet Event

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your red carpet party

Most of us do not have the budget to organize an event on the scale they do in Hollywood, but do not let your budget keep you from having a good time. What you lack in money you can make up for with creativity.

Decide how much you want to spend. Always keep money aside for last minute unexpected expenses.

Choose a theme for your party or event and decide how many guests you want to invite.

You also need to find a suitable venue. It may be a good idea to look at available venues before making a final decision on the number of guests.

Red Carpet Event Invitations

Once you have decided on the venue and number of guests it is time to send out invitations. You guests will start getting excited about the coming event as soon as they receive their invitations. It is important that the invitation match the theme and scale of the event.

If your red carpet party is going to be a small gathering at your house then you could make your own stylish invitations on your home computer or do handwritten ones on good quality paper. Do you have a friend with beautiful handwriting or one who does calligraphy? He or she may enjoy writing the invitations for you.

For a larger event, shop around for a graphic designer and printers. You can find excellent affordable graphic designers offering their services on freelance websites.

Invitations should have all the important information like the date, time, and venue but remember to add it bit of information about the theme of your event and the dress code.

Decorations for Red Carpet Event

Plan and organize entertainment for the event. Work out a timeline for the evening from when the first guest arrive till the last one leaves.

Choose your decorations and food to enhance the red carpet theme by using balloons, flowers, glitzy decorations, and lights combined with fabulous finger food and lots of champagne.

Non-Alcholic Dinks at your Red Carpet Event - Remember to cater for guest who prefer non-alchoholic drinks.

Photos at the Red Carpet Party

Your guests spend time to ensure they look glamorous for the evening so arrange for a special place to have photos taken.

Organize people to take photos with flashing cameras as your guests walk up the red carpet. A parked limousine by the entrance for the evening to could serve as a backdrop for photos.

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Cheerful Red Carpet Themed Party Decorations - Hollywood themed paper plates and napkins

Using Hollywood themed paper plates and napkins not only add to your red carpet theme but it also saves time when you have to clean up after your guests are gone.

Have you been to a red carpet event?

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