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Things To Buy After Christmas

Updated on September 22, 2016

After Christmas Sales And January - February Bargains

While most people shop for Christmas gifts, did you know that the bigger and more expensive things are actually sold after Christmas and after New Year at bargain prices?? So here are some of the things to buy after Christmas, ideas that have been gathered from people who are usually saving the most money during their after Christmas shopping.

But why would anyone buy expensive things after Christmas? The reason is because most shops start their big yearly sales right after Christmas. While the Christmas holidays are perfect for gifts (toys, books, jewelry, etc), the after Christmas sales are geared towards things people need at home (like TVs, furniture or floor heating systems), but can't afford until the prices have been thoroughly slashed.

Curious what things to buy with Christmas money? Enjoy browsing for some of the most popular and best things people buy after Christmas and New Year!

Snow Blowers

#1 Snow Blowers

Did you know that snow blowers are among the most popular things people buy during the after Christmas sales? They are by no means cheap, and they're always needed during winter to clean the area outside of the home. So what better time to invest in a new snow blower than when it's the cheapest to get in the year?

First of all, why would I recommend a snowblower for after Christmas? Well if you are living in an area similar to where I lived up till recently, it literally snows till March - or April! And that means snow being around the house and on the road several months in the year, well until after the winter holidays are over.

I haven't seen online the particular snowblower we used to have, but with technological advances of today, it's no wonder. These days all you need to do is start the machine and steer it in the right direction. Our machine was good, but the one I've been looking at on Amazon definitely takes the cake.

The Snow Joe Ultra Snow Thrower is a great alternative to those heavy gas-powered machines. It can easily clear 18 inches in one go up to a 20 feel length away.

If your home needs the snow ploed around it - say around the driveway or sidewalk - in winter in a hurry, this one will do it in a jiffy. It's easy to maneuver, it's quite cheap compared to those big expensive ones and basically it's a single stage thrower, meaning it works best when the snow around the house hasn't frozen yet, it's still relatively fresh. Then it's truly shining at work. However don't get me wrong, it still does a good job when the snow is heavy and has already set.

The name Snow Joe is a well known and reliable name when it comes to winter equipment and it will do its job even against the harshest of snowsorms.

Here is one dad putting the Snow Joe Ultra Snow Thrower to test


Popular TVs With Price Drops After Christmas

#2 TVs

Televisions are another expensive home accessory that many people simply can't afford until the sales are on. Sure, you can get some $100 TVs, but if you really want a huge screen with the best view for the family home entertaining, then you must wait until the Christmas shopping is over, and then hop on the bandwagon. Only then you will find the true bargain of the year!

I should know because that's when we bought our latest Samsung - after the last Christmas holidays. We bought it half price and it was well worth it. The TV has a big screen and when you're somewhat further away from it, gosh the screen is so clear, it's almost like you're right there. I remember the old TVs that we used to have back in the 60s, we've just switched from black and white TVs to color ones, you you know 14-16 inches big, and I can't keep thinking how lucky I am to be alive at a time when technological changes are so massive and so visible...these are fun and exciting times to be around!

One of the things I like to be is consistent in my shopping. That means for me sticking with a trusted brand is usually a given. And Samsung is a brand which I trust - have trusted for a long time in television, and not only. So I know that when I buy a Samsung, I will get quality. No question about it in my mind.

Now I'm not talking specifically about design here. I mean especially in LED TVs, the design is about the same with very tiny variations, if at all. The components, however, all talk about quality. There are no cheap pieces integrated anywhere inside or outside of this television.

The display is 1080p which is great, it has super clarity with an excellent refresh rate. Sound is great as well. We all know about Dolby Surrounded, and this TV has it, along with numerous options that allow customizing in so many ways.

Do You Like To Bargain Shop After Christmas?

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Fitness Equipment

#3 Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment is right up there between the top 5 things to buy after Christmas. Exercise equipment and home gyms are by no means cheap, and this is truly the best time to get geared for the next years fitness season. If your New Year resolution includes losing weight and shaping up, buy your own home gym equipment is the first step into actually keeping that resolution.

There are various things that one can have at their home gym, but for me an adjustable weight bench is right at the top. It usually has a ton of options for exercising pretty much every muscle in the body in an easy way. Also they have several attachments that can be used, including dumbbells, cages and whatever else one might need.

Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Bench (Discontinued)
Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Bench (Discontinued)
With the adjustable benches you get several positions, - the Bowflex has 6 different positions that can be easily adjusted, including the seat, which can be adjusted to two various positions. It does weight a bit more than its earlier version, the 3.1, but it's packed with more options and it's even looking a bit better. The removable leg hold-down attachment helps with adding support if you want to use the decline positions. This is not the most expensive machine for fitness, however it is a darn good one. I've seen it in action at my local fitness studio and I love it. Sure there are some machines out there that cost twice, even three times as much as this one out there, but the Bowflex 5.1 has pretty much anything you need in a weight bench and ore. In addition I love the Bowflex brand overall, it's a good, solid company that has been around for over 20 years now, and it's not one to up and fold (no pun intended) any time soon!

Office Supplies

#4 Office Tools And Supplies

Expensive office tools and supplies also seen great price cuts and increased sales after Christmas - actually around end of January, early February. Printers, scanners, office furniture, binders, shredders, they all sell like hotcakes during this period. Every business, be it for profit, schools or non-profit organizations need to stock up on office supplies, and what better time of the year when all is at it cheapest price!

Other Needed But Usually Expensive Office Equipment

Safco Products 1929CY Muv Mobile Stand-Up Height-Adjustable Desk, Wheeled Base, Extending Keyboard Platform, Storage Shelves, Durable Construction
Safco Products 1929CY Muv Mobile Stand-Up Height-Adjustable Desk, Wheeled Base, Extending Keyboard Platform, Storage Shelves, Durable Construction
Something that I really wanted for a long time is a good computer desk, one that can not only hold my pc, monitor and accessories, but also keep them out of the way when I don't need them. The other thing I like about it is that you can work on it while standing, and it's of course, adjustable. Now don't get me wrong, I prefer sitting, but there are those moments when you are up and about and sitting is not an option. The desk is sturdy, the supports are really strong with durable powder-coated steel frame around it and this desk will not fail me for years. Both the table top and the keyboard tray are adjustable, and the fact that the table is on rolls means that you can take it anywhere within the house if you so choose. I love this piece of gorgeous design, sturdy work and great workmanship!


#5 Cameras

Cameras are not cheap. Sure, there are cheap cameras but GOOD cameras, with all the latest frills are definitely not cheap. So if you want to replace your old, worn out camera, wait until the serious sales start after the Christmas holidays. Then go really shopping for those bargains in digital cameras, video cameras, webcams and all the necessary accessories!

Canon EOS Rebel T5 SLR Digital Camera

Canon EOS-a EF-S 18-55mm is II Kit
Canon EOS-a EF-S 18-55mm is II Kit
This is the very camera I use at home for taking photos for my various articles here on Hubpage. In fact one of my 'hubs' as well them even features it and I show how I work with it. It's a wonderful camera and well under $500 (and after Christmas it will be below that price as well!). First of all, it's Canon. Need I say more? Canon has been the camera brand of my choice forever. Now yes, this is a T5 and not T5i - which is much more expensive, without adding all that much to the set of already ton of features of this camera. Yes, it is faster and a bit more capable, but I have been using the T5 without any problems and it's the camera of my choice any day. It is well within my budget even if I have to buy it full price. The one case where I'd want to upgrade to T5i would be if I were to make more videos than take photos because the screen resolutions differ in 460,000 dots for the T5 vs 1,040,000 dots in the T5i. But that's about it, really. One thing I don't much like about this camera is that it lacks Wifi. Not that I care all that much about, but it is a feature I would have liked to see included, like in the Canon EOS 750D, which has it, albeit the camera is also a bit more expensive.

Power Tools

#6 Power Tools For Him

Power tools for the home (and for the hobbyist in the family) are again, not cheap. You can easily run up to a few thousand dollars if you need to buy some serious horse power tools. This is why the after Christmas sales are the best time to get your dad or husband that tool that he's been secretly craving for (and making you crazy about) throughout the entire year!

Here are just some of the powertools that are on sales after Christmas.

DEWALT DCK955X 18-Volt XRP Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit

DEWALT 18V XRP Cordless Drill Combo Kit, Cordless, 9-Tool (DCK955X)
DEWALT 18V XRP Cordless Drill Combo Kit, Cordless, 9-Tool (DCK955X)
Now this is an expensive piece of machinery - for him. Don't get me wrong, it is. But after Christmas check the price and you might get a nice surprise - and make your hubby happy as well in the process. To be honest, who (well, better said, which man) wouldn't want a cordless Dewalt, especially when you have the excuse that you have not one tool but everything you need in one. Imagine the money you save by buying it. Sure it's expensive, but during the price cuts in January it definitely becomes rather an achievable goal. Cutting, drilling, sawing are only a few of the things you will be able to do once you get this baby!

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