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Things To Do During the Winter Blues.

Updated on March 11, 2013

In summer time, we have so many things to do in order to keep active. Things such as boating, fishing, camping, some may go on vacations, some may just sit outside and relax by the pool or go swimming, some may take a walk at the beach or on a boardwalk, the kids can go out and play in the yard or go to friend’s houses to play and get out of the house etc. People are freer to come and go without putting on winter gear, snowshoes, boots, mittens hats etc.

Summer time is more fun than winter for many in this nation is stuck in the house due to snowstorms, school is canceled, and there is not much to do with no activities to keep you busy unless you join a gym.

You then get that sense of cabin fever. Feeling trapped in your home because there is nothing to do. You are not as free as you would be if it were summer time with more activities to keep you busy and on the go.

Even living on a farm is hard in the wintertime, you have to drudge through snow in the ice and cold to feed the animals, clean their stalls, wash out their water tanks, and care for the animals and pick up eggs from the chicken coop.

Then you go in grab you a cup of coffee to warm up by, light the wood burning stove for extra heat, and sit around the house. Gardening is out because it’s too cold to plant any veggies in your garden and tend to your garden or do any renovations on your property unless need be.

So one is stuck in the house doing nothing especially when you have kids and it’s too cold for then to go outside and play.

So here are a few suggestions to make your winter days a little more cheerful. For the kids, bundle them up nice and warm, send then outside any way. This will get them out from under foot for a while and it will wear them out where they will sleep well at night.

Send the kids out they can make snow forts, and have snowball fights, they can make a snowman and then as a family you can go sledding to do as a family outing, go ice skating on a frozen pond, make snow angels in the snow.

For those of you who live in the country and do crafts, have the kids pick up pinecones and put them in boxes to let them dry for your crafts for the next year.

You can sit with the kids in the house, make paper snowflakes, and put them on the window so when you look out your window, it will look like it’s snowing day and night and it will be something to be proud of because your kids made them.

I used to cut make of paper the snowflakes and put them on a string with tape and make a garland. I would string the garland across the living room in a criss cross pattern. The kids really enjoyed that.

I would take a blanket put it over the table and they have an instant tent that they could go camping in. I would make them some smores, give them a drink, and take my coffee in the tent with me and we would pretend to go camping. We would have board games to play in the tent with a flashlight. Alternatively, we would play cards. Card games such as go fish, 52 card pick up, they even knew how to play rummy.

I would make tomato soup, and a grilled cheese sandwich put on a paper plate as if we were camping and we would sit and eat lunch at the table pretending to be sitting at a picnic table.

For the adult women, they have plenty to do. Take up a craft such as sewing, needle point or making things out of various items. This passes time fast if you’re busy.

When the kids were down for a nap, I would sit and work on quilts, and make my craft items. I would clean the house toughly top to bottom. I also would rearrange the furniture in a few rooms or start painting the walls different colors to spruce up the house inside.

If you ski take the kids on a small ski trip, if not grab a toboggan and take them kids tobogganing, oh the memories I have doing this with my kids and it was a fun family outing for the day. Now with new technology one can go window-shopping online just to waste time lol that is pretty fun.

If you live next to the woods, go take a walk in the woods, you will see the wonders of nature and can do some exploring without bugs and ticks biting you. Years back before I got injured I used to take car drives up to the mountains just for a different view if the roads weren’t all that bad or to a different town just to see something new.

There are so many things to do in winter to get you out of the house or to keep you busy, so that you don’t get cabin fever.

Just because its winter doesn’t mean that you have to stop living and be home bound all of the time. There are plenty of things to do with the kids, as a family or just by yourself. You just have to do a little thinking to come up with ideas to keep yourself busy during the winter months when you’re stuck in the house on a cold winter’s day, and if you dress warm you can still get outside and have some fun as well.

This beats sitting in the house all of the time being depressed and board, wishing summer was upon us so you could do more fun things. There are fun things to do during winter if you put your mind to the grind to come up with fun things to do or unusual things to do in the winter time to keep yourself and your family active in order to beat the winter blues.


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