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Tim Burton Frankenweenie Halloween Costumes

Updated on January 17, 2015

Frankenweenie Costume for Halloween

Have you seen Tim Burton and Disney's film, Frankenweenie yet? If not, why not - it's brrrrrrilliant!

It's a scary, gothic, cute animation about a kid who brings his pet dog back to life - much like the story of Frankenstein!

Tim Burton's style is always very gothic and dark and absolutely PERFECT for Halloween, and there are some great Frankenweenie Costumes out there, if you wanted to pay homage to great Tim Burton and Frankenweenie, this Halloween.

Not only Frankeweenie costumes for adults, but pets get in on the action too - you can go as a Frankenweenie character and so can your dog - who can actually BE Frankenweenie - how rad is that??

For a full range of Frankenweenie costumes, check out's full range, right here, now.

So, here you'll find lots of Frankenweenie costume ideas for Halloween this year. Enjoy.

How about an Elsa Van Helsing costume?

What does Elsa Van Helsing, from Frankenweenie look like anyway?

Frankenweenie Halloween Costume: Elsa Van Helsing

How current and of the moment would it be to dress up in this Elsa Van Helsing, Frankenweenie Costume for Halloween this year? It would be like wearing the latest fashions from Paris.

Tim Burton's awesome film, Frankenweenie is the film to dress up as a character from, this Halloween.

Frankenweenie - brought to us by Disney and Tim Burton

Isn't a Tim Burton character just THE most perfect option for Halloween?

See results

Dress up your dog as Frankenweenie!

Dress your pet up as Frankenweenie for Halloween! Take Frankenweenie with you!

Frankenweenie really is alive, when you dress your pet up in this ridiculously cute Frankenweenie Costume for Halloween this year.

Including a cute headpiece, your pooch will really look part as Frankenweenie, this Halloween!

Another Frankenweenie Pet Costume for Halloween

Not quite Frankenweenie, but it's a good Frankenstein style Frankenweenie Costume for your beloved pet, this Halloween.

Take your dog out as a little monster brought back from the dead - lovely!

If a costume isn't for you...

...then there's a whole range of Frankenweenie clothing that you might love!

If you don't want a Frankenweenie Costume, wear a Frankenweenie T-shirt this Halloween!

More fantastic Frankenweenie tee shirts - perfect for Halloween

How about a Frankenweenie Peruvian Beanie Hat for Halloween?

Another fabulous Frankenweenie Peruvian Beanie Hat for Halloween

What will you be dressing up as this Halloween?

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    • MarcoG profile image

      Marc 5 years ago from Edinburgh

      @marigoldina: I'm sure there will be a few Frankenweenie characters out and about this Halloween...if not, there SHOULD be :)

    • marigoldina profile image

      Heather B 5 years ago

      Had never heard of it before now! I wonder if I'll be seeing some Frankenweenies around my door at Halloween...