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Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Gifts

Updated on March 17, 2014

Most Popular Wedding Gifts

Does your wedding gift belongs to the group of most popular, widely given gifts for weddings?

Money is not included on the list, just gift items. For those who are planning to get married, expect things like this on the list and do not buy this item before the wedding because you may receive these popular gift items.

If you are planning to give something like this as a wedding gift, make sure you pick extra careful because your gift might be the same as others.

If you are looking for a popular and usable wedding gift, you can choose one from the list. If you want to have an idea what are the most popular gifts for a wedding, here are they.

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Wall Clocks

Top 10

All kinds of clocks were wrapped, from the cutest alarm clock to the biggest, even the toilet and bath area can have a clock installed on the wall.

Dinner Ware Set

Top 9

Unless it's your second or third marriage, you already have a live-in partner, or you have a lot of kids, ten sets of dinner ware are too much! No doubt you can store or display the extra dinner wares but they should be used to prevent storage damage.

Microwave Oven

Top 8

Microwave ovens are useful when both of you are working on a day job, because left over foods from the refrigerator can be as hot as freshly cooked food after being placed in the microwave oven for three minutes. But what will you do with four microwave ovens? Me, I brought one to my office and I gave the other one to my husband.

Tired of Thinking? - Cash is good.

Glass and Pitchers

Top 7

Do not worry if you have receive too many glasses because after several years you will see that many are broken. They are like consumable gifts.

Bath Towels

Top 6

The 2-Door closet will be full of bath towels if you place all of them inside, But it's alright because newly wed couple will need these often, and like the bed sheet it's a good practice to replace them once or twice a week.

Cooking Wares

Top 5

If the couple loves cooking, this is a perfect gift. This is one of the most basic needs of newly wed couple, but instead of this try giving baking pans for cakes


Top 4

Flower vases and displays. It's ok to have many of these until the baby arrives or doesn't yet know how to reach for displays and vases.

Photo Frame

Top 3

Big or small photo frames are also a really great gift. After the wedding ceremony, you can place all the frames in your home.


Top 2

Usually I see small to medium sized sets of knifes. I have never seen those really big knives used for cutting meat and poultry.

Bed Sheets and Pillow Cases

Top 1

Personally I think this is one of the best most popular gift items for weddings. Bed sheets and pillow cases are very useful and when you have lots of these, you will never have to worry about washing the used bed sheets and pillow cases.

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