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Top Rated Radio Flyer Wagons: A parent's review

Updated on October 14, 2017
Mickie Gee profile image

Mickie Gee is a retired librarian and a grandmother. She learned all her book-repair tricks on the job!

Welcome to my review

I love Radio Flyer toys and wagons. I love them so much that I named my book repair company "Little Red Wagon".

I speak from experience, I have 7 grandchildren under the age of 7 and have seen how much they love their Radio Flyer toys. I have seen the quality of this brand and how it holds up to rough and tumble little boys and girls.

I remember having a wagon just like this one when I was a child. I still have fond memories of when I put all my dolls in the wagon and took them for a walk in the neighborhood. I am so very glad that this wagon is still being made today.

On this page you will find the top rated Radio Flyer wagons on Amazon. What do I mean by "top rated"? The toys and wagons have received reviews that ranked them with at least 4 stars (with 5 being the highest). When you are looking for a toy for your child, be sure to read the reviews from actual persons who have bought that toy. Read, read, read and then buy. Do not let a lower price sucker you in UNLESS the reviews are wonderful. If you find a 5 star toy and the lowest price, you win.

The image here if of the Radio Flyer Big Red Classic on Amazon. Love the large wheels.

The Classic Radio Flyer Red Wagon:

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon
Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

I have seen so many parents using wagons at Pepper Place Saturday Market in Birmingham, Alabama. There is a newer version of this classic wagon that is larger and made of light-weight plastic. It has two fold up seats for your children. You might consider that style, too. Great for hauling kids and produce! The red color also makes it easy to see when the marketplace becomes crowded as the morning progresses.

Go to Amazon and check out this classic toy. I am sure your children will cherish it for a long time.

Note: please remember that I will receive a small commission when you purchase this wagon from Amazon.


A 5 Star Radio Flyer Review from a "Mom of Three"

from Amazon user "Mom-of-Three"

"Our kids love this wagon! They can pull each other around the yard and it's next to impossible to tip over, the dog can even pull it in her harness and not tip it over! It's held up very well, we've had it for about 5 years and it's still holding strong! The only sign of wear is it got a scratch in the paint (my husband's fault) and it has rusted just a touch there, we are planning on fixing that in a few weeks to make it look new! It also works great for yard work! My son loves using it to help him with his job of picking up sticks in the yard, he piles them high and finishes his job in half the time!"

(click here to read more 5 Star Reviews for the little red wagon from Radio Flyer on Amazon!)

I purchased this Radio Flyer wagon for my own grandchildren!

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon ( Frustration Free Packaging)
Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon ( Frustration Free Packaging)

Wonderful clicking sound lets you know where your toddler is! This wagon was handed down to three grandchildren. It was first used to hold baby dolls. As it was passed down to the little brothers, it was used to haul rocks and dirt! Boys--gotta love them.


Just one reason to love this toy...It's Classic Style

Parents: Write your own toy reviews!

Welcome, moms and dads!

The Best Toys for Toddlers is an online review club open to moms and dads everywhere. Write a review of your toddler's favorite toys. It's free, and you could even earn a royalty for the great articles you create.

More about us: Our goal is to helping parents raise the quality of playtime with their toddlers. It's not just about the newest toy--it's about sneaking education into your kid's playtime. Parents know: Playing is serious business! We're always on the lookout for the best toys for our little tots.

Did you have a Radio Flyer Wagon when you were little? Is it still around? Will you be buying one for your kids?

Shout out and let us know!

Thanks in advance for leaving a comment. Don't forget to send this page to your pals--and give it a thumbs up, too! There is a "Facebook Like" button at the top of this page!

© 2010 Mickie Goad

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