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Beach Christmas Cards

Updated on November 23, 2016
CLICK HERE to View All Beach Christmas Gifts
CLICK HERE to View All Beach Christmas Gifts | Source

Tropical Christmas Cards - Customizable

Cheerful Tropical Christmas Cards Original designs by Little Linda Pinda. Many of the Tropical Beach Themed Christmas Cards can be Personalized with Your Name, City or State. Some you can Add Your PHOTO too.

Type in your text or delete text. Bulk Christmas Cards or buy just one. No minimum. Some of the the other Christmas Beach Cards do not need to be customized. I will help you personalize any of my products or make changes tp the design for you. Call Little Linda Pinda for HELP or Custom Order Requests: 239-949-9090

For HELP and or for Design CHANGES to any of the Beach Gifts, Beach Christmas Cards, Beach Stamps, Address Labels and Tropical Christmas Ornaments, and ASSISTANCE

Call Zazzle Designer / Associate Linda:


I can Help you or to create unique beach themed Christmas Cards and Gifts for your family. For Changes or Help Personalizing any of our Zazzle gifts call Zazzle Pro Designer: Little Linda Pinda, or just call me. Zazzle has outstanding detailed vibrant robotic printing machines.

Tropical Beach Christmas Cards, Post Cards and Matching Tropical Address Labels in a Cheery motif that is sure to bring extra joy to the Christmas season. I also created Beach Postage Stamp that match and Ornaments, Mugs and more. Send your Beach Christmas Cards that will sure to bring smiles with the bright and happy beach scene and sunshine.

100% Money Back Guaranteed. Quality card stock is used to make the greeting cards and Outstanding brilliantly printed by Zazzle. You will be impressed by the quality and the prices.

Cheerful Original Designs by Little Linda Pinda. Tropical Christmas Cards with matching Beach Stamps, Beach Address Labels and other beach themed gifts. Many can be personalized and some don't need to be. The background is an Original Photo of a Florida Beach with artistic touches and effects giving it a painted beach look.

Send Cheerful and Happy Christmas Cards to your friends and family. See the lovely Tropical Photo Insert Christmas Cards. Matching Tropical Christmas US Postage Stamps and Address Labels. Show how much you love living in Paradise. See all the tropical themed gifts by clicking on the images below. Call Linda to make changes to my designs or HELP you customize it.

I can Help you make Changes to any of our designs and gifts or change it for you. CALL

Call Zazzle Designer Linda:


Tropical Christmas Gifts Category
Tropical Christmas Gifts Category | Source

Beachy Christmas Cards and Gifts

The inspiration to create these Beachy Christmas Cards and Tropical Themed Gifts, after moving to Florida and seeing the beautiful Florida beaches, the inspiration came to me. So pristine and gorgeous with the soft white sand. I appreciate the warmth, the lush green plants, wildlife and of course the warmth of the sun.

Enjoy the Calm Gulf of Mexico beaches on the West Coast of Florida or the more lively robust waves of the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast of Florida. Did you ever go to the beach and just soak in the sunshine, sound of the waves and the sheer beauty.

These tropical themed beach gifts can bring that memory back home with you. The cheery sunny mugs will delight each morning and the beach themed Christmas cards will be such a pleasure for your family and friends to open.

Personalized Beach Christmas Cards with Your City, State and or Name or choose the tropical Christmas cards that don't need any personalization. Have fun sending Happy Cheerful Original designs by Little Linda Pinda. Enjoy the Florida Themed Christmas Cards.

You can choose Personalized Christmas Cards No Photo and Tropical Photo Christmas Cards. Click the "CONTACT" button for custom orders or HELP on any of my Zazzle products. I will ADD YOUR PHOTO and or MESSAGE TEXT for you and even do some PhotoShop too if desired, at no extra cost. You will be able to see your personalized Christmas Cards online before you buy.

100% "Love it" Money Back Guarantee. Buy with confidence. Zazzle has an incredible Less than 1% Return Rate. Important to me, they have achieved an A+ BBB Rating (Better Business Bureau).

Vibrant and Brilliant Clear Printing, "Second to None". High Quality Materials, Products and Fast Service. Call Linda for questions of if you would like me to create a different type of gift with any parts of any of my many of designs on any one of the hundreds of gifts from Zazzle.

Customizable Christmas Cards, click on Images to See Price, Details, Other Views of the Products and even Reviews

Add a Photo Christmas Cards Go to "Personalize it" area to the right of the card and Click the "Change" blue text underneath the existing "Photo Here" and Upload your own family photo. In the TEXT box, Highlight the existing Text and Type in Your Text, Family Name or City.

Delightfully Cheerful Tropical Themed Photo Christmas Cards of the Beach with multi-colored beach umbrella, chairs, and Palm Trees decorated with glowing ornaments. I redesigned these cards to make it easy for you to "ADD YOUR PHOTO to the Tropical Photo Christmas Cards.

I can upload your Christmas Card Photo for you, at no extra charge. If it needs cropping to fit properly or a bit of brightening, I will do that for you too. Free design service.

Call Linda at: 239-949-9090

or Email with Subject Line "ZAZZLE CONTACT"

Beach Christmas Ornaments Original Unique Design by Linda

CLICK HERE Beach Christmas Gifts Category Image to View these Tropical Ornaments
CLICK HERE Beach Christmas Gifts Category Image to View these Tropical Ornaments | Source

How to Personalize Beach Christmas Cards and Ornaments

How to Customized Christmas Cards:

Once you are on the product page:


Under the "Edit this design template" section to the right of the cards, type in YOUR TEXT or Click on the tiny blue "Change" underneath the Temporary "Your Photo Here" Image to Add Your Photo or CALL Linda and I will Upload your photo for you. Personalized Christmas Cards in Bulk is amazing because it is customized by you and yet you still receive big bulk discounts.

CLICK "Upload New Image" and or "Select 1 image for upload" and allow the image to upload itself. DON'T Click the OK button unless it doesn't upload itself. I

On some of the tropical themed christmas cards and gifts, you can Add YOUR MESSAGE to the Front and Inside of these personalized Christmas Cards.

Just type Your Text into the text box templates, also located within the Personalize it section or delete the text you don't want at all.

No minimum, No Set Up Feer and BULK discounts too. Incredible detailed vibrant printing process on heavy high quality paper. This design is only available at Zazzle.

What Inspired Me to Design these Tropical Cards?

In 2010, I finally had the opportunity to move to beautiful sunny Florida after suffering terribly from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I needed sunshine desperately for my health. Wisconsin's winters were brutal for me with long dreary days. Sometimes it seemed like I didn't see the sun much for weeks.

I would travel the country searching for a great place to move to and as a way to get away for a little while in the winter months. Sunshine always draws me in.

Well, you can imagine how excited I was to be living in Florida and going to the beaches. I took photographs of the Gulf of Mexico and one day had an idea to take a photograph and use it as a backdrop for for tropical Christmas Cards. My mom drew me a rough sketch and with my digital drawing tablet, I traced it and created these cards and ornaments.

To celebrate Christmas in a tropical atmosphere, I decorated the palm trees with Christmas lights and ornaments and gifts under the tree. With my PhotoShop softtware I designed these multicolored beach chairs and umbrella.

The Tropical Christmas Cards and Tropical Beach Ornaments were loved by people from the North and from warm climates. It became one of my early on successes with Zazzle.

Since I live in an area with many Florida snowbirds, I decided to design gifts for Grandma and Grandpa or Mom and Dad who live in Florida in the winter. Many of the Names on the Grandma and Grandpa Mugs can be changed to ANY Name.

Artwork and Graphics by Little Linda Pinda Designs

Tropical Christmas Cards and Gifts

How to Customize Tropical Christmas Cards:

Change the TEXT by Typing in "our Name and or Messages in the text box templates within the "Personalize it" section to the right of each card or gift.

Select which Card View you wish to change.


Go to "Personalize it" Section to the right of each product.

Click on the Cards and then go to the Right of the Beach Christmas Card in the "Personalize it" area.

Click on the tiny Blue "Change" under the Temporary Image and "Upload Your New Image"

Tropical Themed Photo Christmas Cards Personalized with "YOUR NAME and MESSAGE

The great thing about Zazzle besides the incredible Quality of the Printing and Paper is there is "NO MINIMUM ORDER AND NO SET UP FEES". You can order just 1 Card or get a Bulk Discount.

Call Little Linda Pinda at 239-949-9090 and I can customize it for you or make changes to any of my designs.

Beach Christmas Cards

Cheerful Tropical Christmas Cards - CUSTOMIZABLE
Cheerful Tropical Christmas Cards - CUSTOMIZABLE | Source

Sights and Sounds of Sanibel Florida Gulf of Mexico

Grandma and Grandpa Mugs or Your Text

Grandma Mugs for Christmas or Birthday Gifts

CLICK the LINK Below the Tropical Christmas Gifts Category Image Above
CLICK the LINK Below the Tropical Christmas Gifts Category Image Above

Grandpa Mugs. Wouldn't it be fun to give these Mugs as Christmas Gifts for Grandma and Grandpa.

Cheerful Sunny Grandpa Mugs will get a great big smile!

CLICK the LINK Below the Tropical Christmas Gifts Category Image Above
CLICK the LINK Below the Tropical Christmas Gifts Category Image Above

Here is a pretty photo of the beach that I love going to on a quiet summer day before the snowbirds come to visit. I used a Filter from my PhotoShop artistic software to make it look like a painting.

My mother is an artist and sketched the palm trees for me. With my wonderful PhotoShop and Corel Painter software, I painted the Palm Trees that she sketched for me using extra touches for depth. It was so much fun making the ornaments on the palm trees too. The look just like the old fashioned ornaments we used to have on our Christmas Trees.

My mother originally wanted me to draw Santa and Mrs. Santa on the card but I was not able to finish it on time for the holiday season. Look for it this year.

This is the Photo I Took of the Beautiful and Cheery Florida Beach

Gulf of Mexico

Photograph of the Gulf of Mexico by Linda
Photograph of the Gulf of Mexico by Linda | Source

Personalized Photo Christmas Card by Little Linda Pinda

Just Before Sunset Beach with my Beautiful Mom and Daughter

My Daughter and Mother with Me at Sunset on the Beach
My Daughter and Mother with Me at Sunset on the Beach | Source

3 Generations of the girls (and now their are 4 Generations)

This photo was taken while dining on a quaint little beach restaurant overlooking the lovely sunset. We were with my daughter and her fiance' (now I am happy to say, husband) and son (and thrilled to say, grandson) and my beautiful mom. (a new baby granddaughter joined our family). We were blessed with a table that overlooked the sunset.

What amazed was at how everyone stayed so quiet watching the sun slowly pass through the horizon. This is a memory that I will cherish forever. Such a nice memory. Three generations of us girls. I have one photo with my grandma, my daughter's great gramma Dee Dee. I cherish that.

I created these beautiful originally designed cards so you can send Warm Christmas Blessings to your friends and family. I hope you and your loved ones will truly enjoy these Sunset Beach Christmas Cards with a Christian Message.

Our new little Granddaughter - 4th Generation of Girls

Isabella | Source

CALL Linda for Special Order Requests and HELP: 239-949-9090

CALL Linda for Special Order Requests and HELP: 239-949-9090

Personalized Tropical Christmas Cards and Gifts created just for you with Your Text or special Photos. Free Custom Service. If you have a difficult time personalizing our gifts. please feel free to call me and I will walk you through or I can create the gift for you personalized with your text or photo(s).

Little Linda Pinda, LLC

239-949-9090 Calling or Texting is BEST Subject LINE: "CONTACT" in all Caps.

Call or Text is best.

Contact Little Linda Pinda, LLC

Click Image to CONTACT via Email
Click Image to CONTACT via Email | Source

© 2012 Little Linda Pinda

Please let me know what you think of the Beachy Christmas Cards

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Nice beach Christmas cards. They are so cheery and happy feeling.

    • BLemley profile image

      Beverly Lemley 5 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      Very nice! Love your selection here, Linda! B : )

    • LittleLindaPinda profile image

      Little Linda Pinda 5 years ago from Florida

      Thank you so much for visiting. I am so glad you enjoyed the cards and stamps. I appreciated living in Florida so much after spending my life in Wisconsin.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

      I have a friend who used to live in Hawaii and I always looked forward to her tropical Christmas cards. These designs are very pretty!

    • SunshineLife LM profile image

      SunshineLife LM 5 years ago

      I love these. It's great to be reminded of warm, sunny beaches in the middle of a northern winter

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 5 years ago from USA

      What a fun idea for Christmas with the matching stamps. The photo cards are always a favorite of mine. I look forward to receiving them each year.