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True Blood Costume Ideas

Updated on February 15, 2016

True Blood Halloween Costume Ideas Right From The TV Show

True Blood Halloween Costume Ideas consist of several varieties of supernatural creatures including vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves, fairies, witches and even a maenad. If this supernatural genre is your cup of witches brew, then here are some fun homemade adult Halloween costume ideas for you. These homemade costumes include your favorite characters from Bon Temps, Louisiana! There's Sookie, Eric, Bill, Lafayette, Pam, Sam and a few other creature costume ideas for you.

What? You are not familiar with True Blood? True Blood is a TV show about a little town by the name of Bon Temps. If there is a supernatural creature in the US, it seems to find it's way to this little tiny backwater town in Louisiana. It's hot down there in this southern town, hotter than you can imagine. It's a hotbed of supernatural activity. There's more trouble brewing in Bon Temps than the entire rest of the country it seems. What draws these creatures there? Who knows, I don't know what brings them there, I only know each of these supernaturals are a great Halloween costume idea. So what's bad for Bon Temps is a great thing for Halloween costume pickins!

The picture of Eric, Sookie and Bill is a poster from Amazon and it can be purchased on this page.

Great Stuff For A True Blood Costume

Who Should Sookie Be With? - Bill Compton Or Eric

I can't help it, I am a Bill Compton fan. Eric just doesn't do it for me and I don't think he should be the one to win over Sookie's heart. What do you think?

Should Sookie Be With Bill Or With Eric?

The Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume

How To Make A Sookie Costume

Sookie Stackhouse is a simple homemade Halloween costume to make. All Sookie ever wears is a pair of black hot pants, a white round neck T-shirt and a waitress apron. It seems she is always working at Sam's bar and restaurant, Merlotte's. Sookie has blonde hair and hangs out with supernatural beings all the time. Of course, we have seen Sookie in other outfits, but with a costume idea as simple and recognizable as this one, why bother to dress up? Add a couple of vampire bites to your neck with a bit of gel costume blood to get the full Sookie costume effect.

Eric Northman Vampire Costume Ideas

Big, Blonde, And Dead - Make Your Own Homemade Eric Costume

That subtitle says it all, it describes Eric Northman to a T. He's big, he's blonde and he's deader than a door nail. He's the Viking looking undead owner of a nightclub named Fangtasia. This club welcomes all shapes and sizes of the supernatural crowd, tho' vampires seem to make up most of the crowd.

Here's a black t-shirt for an Eric just have to have the muscles to fill it out.

Eric has blonde hair, a "sharp, biting" sense of humor and he, like Sookie, doesn't change his outfit much. Eric's standard look is tight fitting jeans, a shirt that's almost as tight as his jeans and a leather jacket. Sookie's homemade costume doesn't need vampire fangs, but Eric's does. In fact, it's probably his fangs that gave Sookie those bite marks.

Eric And Bill

Bill Compton - True Blood Halloween Costume Ideas

Make Your Own Bill Compton Vampire Costume

Bill Compton became a vampire during the Civil War thanks to a vampire women named Lorena. He is a Twilight type of vampire in that he doesn't like to drink human blood. He has, however, dipped his fangs into Sookie on occasion. He usually drinks the "True Blood" substitute that is sold in Merlotte's Bar in Bon Temps where Sookie Stackhouse works. In fact, that's where Bill and Sookie met. Sookie saved Bill from some unsavory characters who wanted to drain his blood and sell it. Of course, that would have left the already undead Bill completely dead, so it's a good thing Sookie got there in time.

Bill's costume is nothing special. Bill tries to act and dress as human as possible for a vampire. It's called mainstreaming and it means that Bill wants to fit in with the humans in Bon Temps. Your Bill costume will require dark clothing and some very pale foundation, because no matter how much Bill wants to hang out with the humans, he is still undead and pale as can be. He also has those give away vampire fangs! To give him a little bit of individuality add a bottle of True Blood to his costume.

Sookie And Bill

Lafayette Reynolds True Blood Halloween Costume Ideas

Lafayette Is One Fun Halloween Costume

If you are talking about fun and flair in the town of Bon Temps and you must be talking about Lafayette Reynolds. One hell of a man who isn't afraid to show off his feminine side, that's our Lafayette! He is more into makeup, jewelry and fashion than Sookie and most of the women of True Blood. He is really into his scarves too, it's as though his look isn't complete with out one. If you are looking for a fun, frisky and frilly costume this Halloween with a True Blood theme, Lafayette is the man for you. Dress him in something manly and pretty. Combine some gold lame, blue jeans and a fabulous scarf to give Lafayette a special look for Halloween.

Meet Lafayette Reynolds

Pam Swynford De Beaufort The Blonde Vampire Costume Idea

How To Make True Blood's Blonde Vampire Costume

Meet Pam Swynford De Beaufort. Pam works at Fangtasia, hangs out with Eric and is very, very old...but she looks great for her age, and if you've put two and two together, you have already figured out that Pam is a vampire. So the answer to, "Do you need fangs to make this homemade Pam costume"? is yes! Pam has long, beautiful blonde hair, a killer vampire women's body, and dresses up all the time in tight clothing. She and Eric have that tight clothing thing in common. Maybe it's a club thing. Here's a T-shirt from Fangtasia you can pair up with some tight jeans to dress up as Pam.

Pam Swynford De Beaufort From True Blood

Sam Merlotte - How To Make A Homemade Shapeshifter Costume

Sam Is True Blood's And Bon Temps Resident Shapeshifter

Sam looks like a regular Joe, like another one of the guys...unless he's shapeshifting into almost any form of animal you can think of. Sam owns Merlotte's Bar and Restaurant in Bon Temps. Yes, it's the same Merlotte's where Sookie works and where Sookie met Bill Compton. Merlotte's is a hopping place even though it's in the tiny town of Bon Temps. Sam is a very simple homemade costume to make. Sam wears jeans and checkered shirts. His hair is pretty messy and fly away and he doesn't shave all the time so he has a constant 5 o'clock shadow.

Sam Merlotte - Shape Shifter From True Blood

The Other Supernatural Characters From True Blood

Other True Blood Halloween Homemade Costume Ideas

When we talk about True Blood Halloween costumes the ideas go on for a long supernatural mile. There are all kinds of strange and unique characters that make up this TV series and most of them are not human. Here are a few more costume themes you can use:

The Werewolf

A Fairy
Or a whole clan of them. You remember Claude Crane and some of his 17 sisters... including: Claudine, Claudette, Claudia, Claudwina, and Claudellen Crane.

Werepanther Clan from Hotshot including Crystal Norris, Felton, Calvin, Luther and Becky

A Witch like Holly Clearly, Jesus Velasquez , Cecilia, Mae or Marnie Stonebrook

The Maenad, Maryann Forrester, with her Bull's Head Helmet this lady was trouble. Maryann could change into a clawed bull like creature. A Maenad can influence humans to feel very hungry as though they were starving, or to violence, to feel lust, love, anger, or greed and jealousy. She was a very dangerous character to the humans of Bon Temps. The best costume for Maryann is a greek goddess style dress with a flower wreath in her hair, unless you can find a bull head with horns.

Watch True Blood

I love this funky, fun, supernatural filled series so much that I bought all the DVDS! And you can too, they are right here.

True Blood: The Complete First Season DVD from Warner Bros

True Blood: The Complete Second Season DVD

True Blood: The Complete Third Season DVD

True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season DVD

True Blood: The Complete Fifth Season DVD

Did you read the books and watch the TV show? Who's your favorite character and why?

Are You A True Blood Fan?

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    • HalloweenRecipes profile image

      HalloweenRecipes 5 years ago

      @Spiderlily321: I read all the books and felt like a vampire myself the way I drank it all in and enjoyed it! lol! Glad to meet up with another fan, thanks for stopping by. I am going to find your lenses right now!

    • Spiderlily321 profile image

      Spiderlily321 5 years ago

      I'm a huge fan. I love both the books and the show. I have a couple of lenses on them both. I love alcide and eric.