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Twilight Vampire Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 1, 2016

Vampire and Twilight Halloween Costumes

One of the hottest Halloween costume ideas has been vampire costumes and accessories, as the number of vampire TV shows and of course the film series 'Twilight,' have brought the genre back, and interest in vampire costumes are in again being brought to the forefront this Halloween season.

What's really fun is the number of costumes for both boys and girls and men and women which really look great and get you in the vampire, blood-sucking mood ... or at least a wannabee mood. Let's face it, vampire Halloween costumes are just cool, and that's all there is to it.

Among the selection of Twilight Halloween costumes available are the usual cute ones for young children, as well as the sexy ones for the ladies and the suave, power vampire costumes for the guys. Either way they look great, and will catch the eyes of those you're hanging out with on the scary day.

Vampire Halloween Accessories

There are a number of vampire accessories out there, but probably the most interesting and compelling of them all is the vampire fang marks for the neck, which these days can really be made to look real.

Wear them on your neck and a few true believers, or tipsy party goers will believe you just had an encounter with one of the dark ones.

So below you can find some great Twilight and vampire costume ideas to stand out at your Halloween party or celebration.

Just to let you know, if you find a costume you like, all of them can be ordered directly from here through, and are available as of this writing. 

Twilight Characters' Wigs

Wigs are a blast to wear and go a long way toward looking like the character you're trying to impersonate. Here are a couple of wigs below from Twilight, include Edward Cullen and Alice Cullen.

Some of these are so obvious you could wear them with almost anything and someone would know who you were.

Alice Cullen Wig

Edward Cullen Wig

Deluxe Bella Wig

Fang Marks from Vampire Kiss

What better way to stir up and liven up a Halloween party than to stumble in with what looks like a couple of vampire fang marks which had just been embedded in your neck?

Fang marks are a lot of  fun, and this set looks great!

Vampire Fang Marks

Twilight and Vampire Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

One thing great about a vampire or Twilight Halloween costume theme, is you can do a family Twilight Halloween dress up, with everyone enjoying and having their unique character and part. Great fun!

The popularity of the Twilight series and other vampire shows and films guarantee costumes and accessories from the film will continue to be hot for some time to come.


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