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Unhappily ever after Halloween costumes

Updated on October 23, 2012

Unhappily ever after

It doesn’t matter where you were born because at one time or another we all have been “polluted” by fairy tales.  We have all heard at least one of those stories with the “happily ever after” ending.  Do you wonder what your life would be if those stories that you heard again and again during your childhood hadn’t all finished with a “happily ever after” ending?

Have you ever stopped to think that part of your frustrations with your adult relationships have their root in those stories that made you believe that good girls always get rewarded at the end of the story? Just think about it for a minute.  In all fairy tales the good girls suffer because of someone bad (a bad stepmother, wicked stepsisters, bad tempered fairies, you name it) but at the end, the heroine of the story always meets a handsome Prince who will love her, make her a Princess and live happily ever after.  In reality, very few girls meet that handsome Prince who swears to love them and adore them forever after.  In reality, if a girl is suffering then nothing will improve her situation but her own work; there are no fairy godmothers in real life.  You either study and/or work hard for yourself or you will be left unfulfilled!

Handcuffs Costume from Angels
Handcuffs Costume from Angels

Unhappily ever after... and if we try to change the story?

I don’t mean to be negative here, just realistic. Maybe the day that we stop looking for the perfect Prince charming we will be happier with ourselves and our relationships.  People are not perfect.  Life is not a fairy tale so maybe we should not really look for happily ever after but instead we should try to have happy moments as often as possible.

And talking about fairy tales and happily ever afters, I was wondering what would have happened if my childhood stories had had a different ending. 

Halloween costume idea Snow Fright

Snow Fright is a creepy version of Snow White
Snow Fright is a creepy version of Snow White | Source

Snow Fright

Once upon a time a beautiful baby girl was born to a queen. She had eyes black as ebony; her skin was white like the snow and her lips so red that they resembled blood. Unfortunately for the little girl, her mother died when she was born and a few years later her father remarried an evil woman who had an ambition to be the prettiest woman in the world. When Snow White, as the girl was called, grew up she discovered that her stepmother had ordered her killed so she could remain the prettiest woman in the kingdom. But Snow White was a resourceful young girl and she went in the forest where she found 7 dwarfs who would do anything for a handful of gold. Snow White gave each of them a bag of gold and a night of pleasure in her private apartments. In exchange the dwarfs came all at once and took the evil stepmother to the woods where they kept her prisoner in a gold mine until the end of her days.

For her part, Snow White was so pretty that no man in the kingdom dared to court her and she lived alone her long, long, long life unhappily ever after.

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In this dress you can Rest In Peace - in style. A variety of blue grey fabrics is layered up to give this costume a really striking effect.
In this dress you can Rest In Peace - in style. A variety of blue grey fabrics is layered up to give this costume a really striking effect. | Source

Halloween costume idea RIPunzel

With the adult RIPunzel halloween costume shown above you can Rest In Peace - in style or have the time of your life at the next Halloween party!

A variety of blue grey fabrics is layered up to give this costume a really striking effect. Using plain, glossy, matte and damask fabrics (all easy-care polyester) the skirt is slashed to give a great ragged effect. The neckline is elasticated and with the sash ensures a great fit. Also included in the pack is a pair of net sleevelets with ribbon lace-up sections.


Once upon a time a beautiful girl was kept captive in a tall tower by a wicked witch. Rapunzel, as the girl was named by the witch, grew alone in the tower waiting for someone to come and rescue her one day. At nighttime she would dream about a handsome Prince coming to take her away from her golden tower but no one ever came. One day a prince was passing by near the tower when he heard Rapunzel singing. He was besotted with her voice. When he found that the singer was Rapunzel and that she was kept captive in a tower by a wicked witch he decided to help her. He asked Rapunzel to help him climb up the tower throwing her long hair out of the window so he could climb up and save her. A silly idea that Rapunzel trusted. But of course the Prince was so heavy that he couldn’t climb and instead he pulled Rapunzel’s hair out of their roots. When the Prince saw Rapunzel bald he immediately went off the idea of saving her to make her his wife. Instead, when he saw the witch coming to visit Rapunzel he fell in love with and married her instead. As for Rapunzel she continued living all alone unhappily ever after until the day she died and finally Rested In Peace.

If after all you prefer to be the sweet Rapunzel... this is for you

halloween costume idea : Sinderella



This has always been my favourite fairy tale.  Not the Disney Cinderella but the Sinful maid that I imagined in my bed time stories.  Sinderella filled my teenage years of sexual awakening with sinful thoughts and foot adoration stories that I cannot share here with you.

This is a hellish version of the kids classic Cinderella. A ragged black skirt is attached to a printed lace bodice with black ribbon lacing.  The Perfect Halloween costume to have the men caressing your feet all night long with the excuse of trying on the crystal slipper...

The Sinderella Costume above, the perfect excuse to be sinful

The above is a hellish version of the kids classic Cinderella.

A ragged black skirt is attached to a printed lace bodice with black ribbon lacing. A grey apron is attached a ragged skirt.

If despite everything you are a romantic... this is for you:

Halloween costume ideas Creeping Beauty

Creeping beauty
Creeping beauty | Source

Creeping Beauty

And what about Sleeping Beauty, surely after more than 100 years sleeping she would wake up to be a Creeping Beauty more like Fiona from Shrek than the beautiful Princess that Disney showed us.  I will never understand how a story that portrays such a passive women became so popular!

Halloween costumes ideas Creeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty needs sleep no more - get her up off the slab, slip her into this frock and let her creeeeep with this creeping beauty costume

The bodice on this costume is made of a dramatic pink satin fabric with an overlay of black net and web design material. The black net is used for the sleeves and is slashed. The skirt has a dramatic slit which can be laced up to your requirements.

Unhappily Ever After

For more Halloween costume ideas and unhappily ever afters Click here for more Sexy Costumes at ebay prices

After all, no one likes a happy ending to stories, and these costumes take you into a world where there are no happy endings, just fun!


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    • Anath profile image

      Anath 7 years ago

      LOL... saving them for another one, Dink :-)

      Innovative ;-) thanks for commenting Pinkchic18.

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 7 years ago from Minnesota

      These are definitely a new take on the princess costume! Great hub!

    • Dink96 profile image

      Dink96 7 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      What, no dominatrixes in this crowd? Sheesh! Great hub!

    • Anath profile image

      Anath 7 years ago

      I do have plenty of material for a few hubs about SINderella mtsi ;-)

    • profile image

      mtsi1098 7 years ago

      This is fantastic and I like the approach about celebrating the happy moments in life rather than living on fantasy island...I think there may be a hub or two from the Sinderella part...great job...thanks