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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Men This Year

Updated on November 28, 2013

Unique Christmas Gift

Unique Christmas gift is that very kind of gift that makes the recipient go whoa and surely won’t end up in the closet. If you are worried about buying a very special and unique Christmas gift for your loved ones this season and you don’t really know what actually you want to buy, then this unique Christmas gift ideas will really help to prepare you in getting the very best kind of Christmas gift that would put a smile in the face of your loved ones. Here come my Christmas gift ideas for men.


Animal skin belt: The animal skin belt would be a wonderful and unique Christmas gift for men. Though this may come expensive but it surely do worth it. Christmas is all about giving the very best to our loved ones and an animal skin belt surely do match one of those things that you can give to a man a make him give you a strong hug in appreciation of what he has just received. And not just that it also puts a smile in their face and that in return will also put a smile on your face.


Designer perfumes: Over the years I have come to learn that men love designers perfumes as a special gift, it does not matter who sends the gift but they do surely love a designer perfume, and that is why I have included it in my list of unique Christmas gift, because I believe that men generally would hold a perfume as a unique gift. It does not matter the brand name, it could be a dolce and gabana perfume, Tommy Hilfiger perfume, Calvin Klein perfume, channel perfume, Versace perfume or even a Gucci perfume. All you need is to get to know the fragrance he would prefer most and give him a surprise package of that unique Christmas gift (perfume).


Laptop Cooling Pads

Laptop cooler/cooling pads: If the man you want to send the Christmas gift to has a laptop or a notebook which I believe that all men do have, then you may be considering buying him a laptop cooling pads to help cool down the temperature of his laptop or notebook. The laptop cooler would surely make a unique Christmas gift as this is something that the man would really appreciate, because he needs to protect his laptop from over heating which may break down the system or even slow it down. So why not give something that would worth giving.

Kindle Sleeves

Kindle sleeves: The kindle sleeve is another unique Christmas gift ideas for men. The kindle sleeve is used for protecting and storing kindles. So I recommend this if your man is the type that love to preserve what they have from scratch, because the kindle sleeves help prevent the kindles from any surface scratch.

Shaving Kits

Shaving kits: The shaving kit sets is something that a man can take with him, either when traveling or going for a holiday. It is a unique Christmas gift idea because it is an every day use for men to keep them selves’ clean shave. I highly recommend this if you are buying for your man because you want your man to always look clean and neat. And not just that it helps keeping him healthy both body and mind.


Wall clocks and table clocks: men love to keep up with time, so sending them a wall clock or even a table clock as a Christmas gift won’t be a bad idea. Clock is a unique Christmas gift for men to help them keep up time, set alarm and reminders for meetings and other events for the Christmas.


Boxers: Though some men prefer to wear a brief instead of boxer, but yet the boxer remains one of my unique Christmas gift for men. Boxers can be worn at home when in the room or with a pair of jeans trouser. But remember that if its your man then be ready to be doing the watching as most men are lazy when it comes to washing of their inner wear.

Wristwatch Straps

Wristwatch straps: There are some gift boxes of wristwatch straps that you can get for a man. The wristwatch strap is for changing of the watch strap. It can be used to match the color of clothes the man is putting on. Most watch straps boxes contain different colors to help you select the color that matches the clothes any time. Though the watch strap may look common but it is actually a unique Christmas gift idea.

Coffee Mixer

Coffee mixer: The man can easily fix his coffee at home or office with the help of coffee mixer. So I picked it as one of my unique Christmas gift ideas this year to help the man concentrate more on his job. If your man is not the coffee type then this wont be a great Christmas gift, because it will surely end up in the storage room.

night lights

Night light: There are different types of night lights which I would recommend as a unique Christmas gift idea this year. The motion sensing night light would be great if your man is light sensitive at night. It does not light until there is a motion around, and it will automatically light on. Most people don’t like sleeping with the light on including me, which is why I felt that it will make a unique Christmas gift.


 Shirts: Every man do wear shirt, but there are unique and nice shirts that you can get for that special man in your life to make him go whoa this Christmas season. I prefer a nice packet shirt for him as unique Christmas gift. You can select from ranges of various designs and colors of men shirts, from the striped design, flowered designs and the plain designs, all make a unique Christmas gift.


Though my Christmas gift ideas may be different from what you actually have in mind, but it does surely helps to pick additional Christmas gift for your loved ones even if you have already gotten them one before. It does not hurt if they get extra gift from you hahahha. Enjoy your shopping and merry Xmas.



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    • profile image

      Janet 3 years ago

      I was looking for a Xmas gift for my boyfriend and finally found a nice option on amazon. He is a gym junkie and fond of using BCAAs after his workouts. The following guys have a pretty hefty Christmas special for this type of product:

    • profile image

      Bitten Once 7 years ago

      Thanks klaboyy,the guy sure looks good. Maybe you should try it out as your christmas gift for men.

    • profile image

      klaboyy 7 years ago

      Wow, the guy in the boxers looks nice,lol. Would prefer i designer shirt for a christmas gift idea for my man. Including a designer perfume, maybe the hugo boss.