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Unique Dragon Gifts

Updated on February 23, 2018
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Sue is a mother and grandmother living in sunny Malaysia. Like many Malaysians, food is one of her passions.

Unusual Dragon Gifts

Dragon gifts are popular with those who love this legendary animal which exists in the folk lore of many cultures.

The dragon is seen as a powerful and awesome creature capable of wreaking havoc when it unleashes dreaded fires from its mouth. It is especially featured in stories set in Medieval times in Western cultures.

The dragon is also very popular among the Chinese. It is one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac and is an important aspect of Chinese culture. During Chinese New Year,the Chinese dragon dance is very much part of the New Year festivities as it symbolizes good luck as well.

Dragon bookends from Amazon
Dragon bookends from Amazon

Dragon Book Ends - Let the dragons hold your books on magic and mystery!

Decorative bookends can be used effectively as part of the home decor. Very functional to keep books tidy, they can contribute to the overall theme of the home.

Flank your books on these mythical creatures and other books on mythology with these bookends. Fascinating detail of the dragon's neck and scales with fangs gleaming in the light.

Bookends are really useful in any home to display books anywhere. They have been used for centuries. One of the first bookends was just in the form of a simple sheetmetal and was originally patented in 1877 by William Stebbins Barnard.

Celtic Dragons And Other European Dragons

Celtic Dragon Chest Statue SHIPS IMMEDIATLY !!
Celtic Dragon Chest Statue SHIPS IMMEDIATLY !!

Celtic Dragons are evil, fire breathing creatures

In Western folklore dragons are most often portrayed as evil creatures with exceptions found in Welsh folklore and modern fiction. Many European folk lores have dragons often guarding a treasure hoard. Though these creatures have wings the dragon is often seen as living in an underground lair or cave. There are dragons in Greek, Italian, Roman, German and other European folklore. In Britain, the dragon is more commonly associated with Wales which has a red dragon featured in its national flag.

This dragon chest will make a lovely gift for anyone who loves dragon or anything Celtic. It has good weight and is a perfect keepsake box for jewelry. Looks good on display.

Dragons flying past the Eerie Morgoth Castle
Dragons flying past the Eerie Morgoth Castle

Dragons Myths

Dragons are creatures that feature in the myths of many cultures. The two most familiar interpretations about these legendary creatures are the European dragons which are related mainly to Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies and the other are the Chinese dragons.

European dragons are more often depicted as having wings while the Chinese dragon resemble large snakes. Dragons are often associated with wisdom - being wiser than humans - and longevity. They often possess supernatural powers or magic and capable of human speech.

Toscano Design Statues

Toscano Design offer some of the very best statues for the garden and also other historical statues. For those who love the Medieval theme, you can decorate your home with dragon and gargoyles sculptures and figurines.

One of their most famous gargoyle is the Spitting Gargoyle of Notre Dame Cathedral Statue. It is one of the hundreds of gargoyles which decorate the Gothic Cathedral in Paris.

St George and the dragon from Wikimedia Commons
St George and the dragon from Wikimedia Commons

Dragon Stories

Modern stories often depict the dragon as an intelligent creature who can talk and who possess magical powers. In stories, a dragon's blood is supposed to have magical properties like in the opera, Siegfried. More on the European dragons at Wikipedia

The legend of Saint George and the dragon is well known in Italy. There are many more stories of dragons and their dragon slayers.

Dragon Gift For Those Who Love Wine

They say dragons never truly die. No matter how many times you kill them.

Chinese Dragons

Chinese dragons are looked upon differently from European dragons

Chinese Dragons - A symbol of power, strength and good luck

Oriental Furniture 12" Chinese Dragon Statue
Oriental Furniture 12" Chinese Dragon Statue

While European dragons are considered evil, Chinese dragons symbolize power, strength and good luck. Historically the dragon especially the yellow or golden dragon with five claws on each foot was a symbol of the Emperor of China in many dynasties. The imperial throne was referred to as the Dragon Throne. The dragon is also featured in the carvings of the imperial palaces and tombs like those in the Forbidden City.

The Chinese dragon, an ancient symbol of strength and nobility. This dragon boldly strides forward, clutching a silver orb which represents a rare pearl.

In our modern times, the dragon is very much associated with Chinese culture. The dragon is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. In the Chinese culture, excellent and outstanding people are often compared to the dragon. That is one of the reasons dragon years are very popular to have babies


Chinese Dragon Dance

The dragon dance like the lion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture most often seen during festive celebrations. In the dance, a team of up to 50 people carry the dragon on poles. The dance mimics the movements of this river spirit in a sinuous and undulating manner. The movements symbolize the historical roles of the dragon displaying power and dignity. The dragon dance is a highlight of the Chinese New Year celebrations at China towns all over the world.

Traditional Chinese Dragon Dance

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