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10 sweet, inexpensive valentines craft ideas

Updated on February 18, 2009

With Valentine's Day just around the corner many of you are racking your brains on what to give your significant other. If you are the crafty kind, I have 10 great ideas which are not only creative and look great, but they are inexpensive and will be loved by your sweetheart!! Remember these are just ideas and you should change them around as much as you want in order to make it fit your relationship with your valentine. The more personal you get, the more special these gifts will be!

  1. Make a love box. Take a shoe box and wrap the outside in either tissue paper or wrapping paper. You can decorate the box however you like. Inside you can put things that are sentimental and are a reflection of your relationship. Things can include tickets stubs to events you went together, pictures of places you have been together, emails, love letters, etc. If you're like me and you save EVERYTHING of sentimental value, this would be a great craft for you. If you have any dried roses or flowers your valentine gave you, you can put some of the petals in the box. Or if you had knit or crafted something for them, you can make a tiny replicate of it. You can add some candy so while your valentine is looking through it they have something to munch on. This idea is a very personal one which will show your sweety that you not only love them but that you cherish the times you’ve had together.
  2. You can create a poster or mural. If you are good at crafting, painting, or drawing, this project would make a great present. The mural or poster can be of anything, but it would be more meaningful if it had significance to both you and your partner. If your boyfriend likes Pacman or your girlfriend wants to live in Paris these are great ideas to get you started. If you want to make it big but cannot spend too much money on getting fancy paper an idea would be to buy the cheapest role of wrapping paper you could find and use the back! Its white and you can easily paint or draw on it. This will allow you to make the project as big as you want without burning a hole in your pocket! You can use construction paper and any other resources you can think of. When you are using construction paper, make sure you do not make the poster too heavy, otherwise it will be difficult to hang!
  3. A scrapbook is generally an expensive hobby, yet it doesn’t have to be. You can make the scrapbook easily, and you can use tools that you already have laying around your house. You can make it a paperback scrapbook which eliminates the cost of those fancy and also expensive albums. You can even bind the scrapbook with ribbon or thread. To make the cover you can use a paper bag so it is more stiff. Check out crafting websites, such as for ideas on how you can get started.
  4. If your valentine is not the type to take the energy to make a photo album you can make it for them! Printing photos is fairly cheap, and you can find great deals on websites. Some websites offer specials for new customers. Photo albums can be found in dollar stores and other inexpensive stores. You can fill the photo album up with pictures of you and your other half! You can even add funny and sweet captions to the photos so your valentine can enjoy reading each one!
  5. You can make a book of reasons why you love/like your valentine. The amount of reasons is up to you, and you can make the number a significant number. You can also either put a book together using paper and thread or make it out of a standard notebook. Notebooks are cheap and if you get them from staples you can generally get it for 10-50 cents! You can have a countdown of the reasons and for every reason attach some sort of picture that further proves the reason.
  6. If you are a painter or are good at drawing you can paint or draw a picture of the two of you together! It would be a joy for your valentine to see you use your talent for them.
  7. Although most don't consider baking a craft, you can make baking quite crafty! You can get all sorts of valentine's day tins at Walmart, Target, or Ebay. You can make heart shaped cupcakes and decorate them by yourself or with your valentine! If you get a big enough tin you can even make an apple (or your valentine's favorite fruit) pie. Everything in the pie is the same, except you put the dough crust into a heart tin.
  8. Coupon books are a very common idea for an inexpensive valentine's day gift. You can get even more creative by adding a twist to the original idea. You can encode each of the coupons with a riddle or a code language. This way, your valentine won't know what the coupons say unless they figure it out or use it! Just be fair and don't make any coupons forcing them to do something they wouldn't want to do (in my case making my boyfriend watch "the notebook"!) This gift will be fun for your valentine every time they use a coupon!
  9. Though its not a new idea, making a Valentine's Day Card for your Valentine is a very sweet gesture. Get creative and make it unique. Some ideas are a pop up card, a card with inside jokes, a sarcastic card, or even collage your pictures on it. The more creative you get, the more your valentine will appreciate the effort you put into making them smile!
  10. This last one is one of my personal favorites and can bring out the nerdy side in you and your valentine. You can make a comic book depicting adventures you and your valentine had been on, or even adventures you want to go on. You can make it a funny comic or an action/superhero comic. Even if you are not good at drawing, just get a style and stick with it. Even stick figures can be convincing!

Now you have heard some of my ideas, but it is up to you to do something creative and personal that will make your Valentine love you even more than they already do!

a great example of a love book from
a great example of a love book from
an example of a poster made by me of a pacman scene. made from wrapping paper, spray paint, and construction paper. over 4 feet in width.
an example of a poster made by me of a pacman scene. made from wrapping paper, spray paint, and construction paper. over 4 feet in width.
a great example of a homemade card from the blog.
a great example of a homemade card from the blog.


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